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Baking my aunt's classic rum cake for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to showcase your special recipes for cake, cookies and puddings. This year, try one of our classic rum cake recipes.

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Gulab jamun cake: A simple fusion recipe with a traditional Diwali sweet

Deep fried gulab jamuns and sugar syrup are a match made in heaven. But wait, have you tried a gulab jamun cake? Read our blog to get the recipe.

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6 important things to consider when looking for a good baker

Trying to find a good home baker or professional bakery can be a daunting task. So, we compiled a checklist of 6 important things to look for in a baker.

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How to increase your Instagram likes with delicious themed cakes

Themed cakes are a great way to display your creativity. We personally love the themed cakes seen at weddings. What is the best themed cake you have seen so far?

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How to make delicious baked rosogollas in 5 simple steps

We all know that rosogollas are a standard fare in all Indian festivals. But did you know that there is a way to make rosgollas taste even better? Check our blog to know how.

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3 Popular Indian Flatbreads That Can Be Quickly Baked At Home

In every corner of India, you can find a different form of bread or flatbread that are baked in traditional clay ovens. We have rounded up three types of Indian breads along with recipes for you to try baking at home.

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Make Cheesy Delicious Microwave Mug Pizza In 8 minutes

Everyone loves pizzas, especially when it has oodles of melted and stretchy cheese on top of it. Here is how you can quickly whip up a mug pizza using your microwave.

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5 Buttercream Frosting Every Baker Should Excel At

What makes a good cake even better is the addition of buttercream. How many of these buttercreams have you used or tasted?

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