Have you ever thought of unconventional ways to celebrate your birthday? Unlike other celebratory moments in our lives, birthdays are once-in-a-year celebrations.

Your birthday marks the day the world was blessed with your holy existence (as long as you believe you're holy).

If you doubt the purity of this day even a bit, take a look at your mom with a pooja ki thali in her hand during your cake-cutting ceremony - one that's the main attraction of your birthday.

However, a birthday is not just a five-minute stroll, but a 24 hours ride, isn't it? And you aim to make the most of it on the day, at least I do.

Have you been celebrating your birthday year after year in the same monotonous manner? Wouldn't you prefer a more vibrant life brimming with novelty and freshness kind of celebration? Some kind of unconventional ways to celebrate your birthday.

For long, everybody's, me included, we have our birthdays synonymous with cake-cutting. But don't you ever get the feeling there should be more to the day? A different kind of celebration than the conventional style birthday bash.

If you prefer to cut away from the rest and add life to your next birthday ceremony, read further for some innovative ways to celebrate birthdays:

5 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday



Some of us are party animals, however, the trait is not shared by all. Even on the biggest day of their life, a handful of people prefer dedicating the day to a benign and selfless act. Why? Because happiness acquired from satisfaction isn't ethereal.

People doing community cleaning on beach

If you are the one who enjoys the contentment of the heart, then instead of forcing yourself to yet another birthday party at an upmarket pub, immerse yourself into what you like.

Spend time with elderlies, educate poor kids, feed stray animals, or any such good act that gives contentment to your heart.



Long-drive is very romantic, but a long ride is thrilling. Experience it once for yourself. 

A very stereotypic image related to rides is one of ride-in-Ladakh. However, if you are a gang of lively beings, celebrate your birthday in an adventurous way.

Unconventional ways to celebrate your birthday is to take bike ride

Not everyone can plan a bike ride to Ladakh, but everyone can choose to venture out of the town into the countryside.

What's more, if you prefer meeting your village relatives or your grandparents, take the day out to meet them and relish in the greenery and simplicity of village life away from the humdrum of the city. 



Unconventional ways to celebrate your birthday is to be alone

The crowd and noise that comes with the birthday celebration are not on everybody's wish list. Some, like me, prefer to spend the day alone doing all that I love the most. Have you ever tried this trick? I do it most often as the joy of celebrations is short-lived and vanishes into the air when guests leave, although celebration doesn't make me upset, but not what I enjoy.

On the contrary, doing what I love, like binge-watching my favorite K-drama, reading a Dan Brown novel, learning some new words of different languages, or finishing an ice-cream bucket, relieves me for that entire month.

Instead of expecting gifts from people, I give myself a set of at least four books on every birthday. If the crowd bothers you, you can choose to be a lone wolf on your next birthday.



Childhood days are often reminisced and dwelt upon for a long time. Who doesn't wish to turn back the clock to those cheerful and joyful times of childhood, free as a bird, roaming around in the lanes, playing outdoor games, running after fireflies to catch them, and preparing mini make-shift lamps for ourselves?

Indeed, none of us can turn back the clock but surely can choose to shed that mask of maturity and be a child for a day.

Shed the cover that society compels us to wear.

A day out with your friends is a promising option compared to parties and birthday bashes. Doing what you used to do in your childhood or college days brings in more contentment.

Unleash the kid in you and watch him enjoying the day for you.  



Not everyone wishes to go against the birthday norms and enjoy the day without a party, gifts, and cake.

If you or your friends fall in the category, then organize a birthday party and let the gift be a surprise.

Plan a gift hunt for the birthday boy/girl. Searching desperately for what you have been pining for is another level of excitement.

To add to the joy, arrange a cake popping stand and put the last gift inside. More gifts mean longer the fun lasts.

If you look at the ideas closely, you will get a clear message: 'Don't confine yourself to the conventions. Break the boundaries of norms, and explore the unfamiliar.

Remember, cakes were never in the list of Indian ways of celebrating birthdays, but someone decided to go for it for the first time and experience the joy.

Others are guests, but you are the guest of honor on your birthday, so take the privilege to decide how you want it to go. Make yourself feel special in a particular way, and make the most of the day.

This article is contributed by Mizi

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