Summer vacations give kids a break from school, time to “relax” while taking away the peace of the house. Well, that's what happened in 2019, almost two years later we are hoping that we are going to finally have it back. So, here we are at the same question again, how will we entertain our kids without putting them at risk while they don't feel like they have been put into quarantine again?  Before we move forward with the details, let us remind you of the balance that we, as parents need to maintain. 2 years locked away from all the fun in school will make them want it more, taking them out isn't always safe but remember, a little bit of fresh air, social activity and love is all that they need to be satisfied with the outdoors. And rest we’ll make sure to make the indoors so interesting that they don't need to look back.    So let's begin with the start of the day when kids have the most energy. If we manage to direct their energy in the morning only, the rest of the day will be easier. So starting the day with a morning sprint or a race in a nearby park or even at your terrace is more than enough to let out their energy early in the morning.  Throughout the day, we have a number of activities planned for these little munchkins to enjoy to their fullest! 


One of the best activities for kids during summer vacations is gardening. Plants give a sense of belongingness to kids and teach them a lot about patience and care. Especially for our picky eaters, they can't say no to the vegetables they grow, or based on the liking of your kids, they can grow vegetables, fruits or flowers. So be it in a tiny little pot in your kitchen or a series of plants on the terrace, plants are always saviours. Another added activity would be to paint the pots that you grow in, it is time-consuming, fun and creates very little mess.

2.DIY science activities

If you are a ‘learn while you play’ kind of parent, this may interest you. Science is for all age groups, so even if you have a 3 years old, baking soda volcano or salt crystal making something all kids can pull off and enjoy. 

3.Fly Fishing

Though a costly affair, but if you live in coastal areas or fly fishing can be super activity for your family, fly fishing is one of the best activities. It helps develop their motor skills, increases confidence and yes it is a life skill as well. So grab your fly fishing rods and dive into this amazing experience. Here is a complete guide on how you can get started.

4.Build forts

Gather a few bedsheets, pillows and assemble them to make the easiest and most fun, evergreen activity for kids. They can spend hours in there, you could give them a few snacks or watch a movie in there, they will never get bored of it.

5.Real-life video game

If your kid is also addicted to video games then let me tell you this secret fool-proof idea to get kids away from video games, play it with them! Not literally, but why not get the game out of the video, built an obstacle course with furniture, buckets and whatever you get at hand and chase each other with all your might! May the best player win. 


kids love baking, it's fireless, kids can contribute more to it and they love to eat what they make. If you want to know more about the do’s and don'ts of baking with kids, check out our article here. Also, if you have younger kids or you don't want the mess of baking, you can try diy kits for cupcakes and cookie decoration. For diy baking kits in delhi/ncr you can check out for an amazing collection of them. [caption id="attachment_1570" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kids Baking Baking with kids can be very rewarding[/caption]

7. DIY Cookies and Cupcakes Decoration

Talking of Baking,if your kids cannot hold their patience for those muffins or cookies to bake, make it easy and colorful by just handing them over DIY cookie dressing kits or the DIY cupcake dressing kits. They are fun with colorful cream dressings and also get kids loads of opportunities to experiment and keep their creative heads busy. Some DIY kits can be found here [caption id="attachment_1574" align="alignnone" width="300"]DIY Cupcake Kit DIY cupcakes & cookies can help keep the creative heads busy[/caption]

8.Color/shape day

This one is for younger kids and have it from us, they will love it! Choose a color of the day, let's say pink, now you have to wear pink colored clothes for the day, eat pink food (you could involve them in the food preps) and do some painting using pink color. Similarly, on shape day, you have to eat food that is shaped like it. This is a great way to teach colors and shapes without much effort at all.

9.Make your own mocktail/smoothie

If you have a picky eater, this one could help a lot! Put down around 5-7 items including fruits, vegetables and juices which you think would go together, and tell them to choose 3-4 out of them. Let's say they don't like vegetables, your options could be carrots, beetroot, apple, banana and pineapple. Naturally, they'll choose all the fruits first but, they will have to choose at least one vegetable in the end. Help them blend and enjoy your evening treat. 

10. Play the Mommy game

Kids love independence and a day when they play mommy and correct you when you leave stuff unkept would be both fun filled and learning. It certainly would make them pick on some troubles that mumma faces when kids dont listen. Be ready to hear some of your pet dialogues coming from the other side! Remember that if you let them make decisions from the existing choices rather than pressuring them, they'll love the process and be less picky next time. And yes, nothing ends the day better than a nice ice lolly and being tucked into bed with a good night kiss.