Can you smash the cake ever? believe me, it's possible with a Pinata Cake, still don't believe me then order one Pinata cake for your next bash, and don't get surprised if you get a hammer along with it. Yes, that for smashing it.
Cakes are central to the menu of any celebration, be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other milestones- for me, all these certainly feel incomplete without a yummy cake. Is it the same for you?
Chefs are a creative tribe who always keep experimenting in the kitchen and create new food items with their innovative recipes. One of their experiments is now an internet sensation and becoming the latest viral food trend thanks to the food blogger community.
Yes, we are talking about the "Pinata cake" or the "Smash cake."
Heart Shape Pinata Cake Pink and Red Color
The word" Piñata" originally comes from Spanish, roughly translating to "pot."
The tradition of the "Pinata" at celebrations can be traced back to North America, where vessels filled with candies and goodies would be hung from height and smashed while being blindfolded.
The concept of this Pinata, or "Khoi bag" in India, is extended to cakes these days. It gives an exciting twist to the simple birthday cake-cutting ceremony. The imagination of smashing a cake to break it open in itself is insane.

Preparation of Pinata cake.

Hard chocolate typically forms the exterior of the cake, while the interior contains many exciting layers.
You can get this cake in various visually appealing shapes that are mouthwatering, but the idea is to smash through it to get the actual cake.
Thus a small hammer or a similar implement usually accompanies this cake to enable the smashing.
Bakers pack goodies such as macarons, chocolates, and cupcakes in the layers inside, which open up on smashing and come as a sweet surprise at the occasion.
The idea is to make your cake-cutting process a tad different, exciting, and unique. When you smash the cake, you feel the "wow" element and also keeps your friends and guests guessing; what's packed inside it?
It will be intriguing to see how the piñata cake food trend evolves in the future.  

Type of Pinata Cakes.

Lots of types and designs of these cakes are trending off-late. There are Doll Pinata cakes, Designer Pinata cakes, Heart-shaped Piñata cake, Diamond-shaped Piñata cake, Ball-shaped Piñata, and Paper Mache Animal Piñata cake, to name a few.
You can have them in a variety of flavors, from chocolate, vanilla to butterscotch.

1. Chocolate piñata cake.

Chocolate Pinata cake with hammer
This cake has a chocolate shell on the outside, and on the inside, you can add goodies such as candies, sweets, and other edible toys. Bakers are kind enough to let you customize the inside of your pinata cake; more customization betters the cake. You get your cake with a hammer so that you have the fun of smashing it open.

2. Paper Mache Animal's piñata cake

  Paper Mache animal’s pinata cake
These designer Pinata cakes are trendy amongst children. They love Paper Mache animal's piñata cake stuffed with lots of candies.
Want to see a big smile on your kiddo's face? Get piñata cakes for the occasion, period. Their goal is to hit piñata with a hammer, split open the shell for the candies, and collect as many as possible.

3. Heart-shaped piñata cake.

Heart Shaped Pinata cake with Hammer
Another type is the Heart-shaped piñata cake designed. This cake looks so classy and dope that you will fall for this cake.
This cake is a decorated vessel filled with candies, or you can customize it with many other surprises like a ring or chocolate of your choice or any hidden message that you want to tell.
The heart shape is what takes it to the next level. It is perfect for a romantic surprise.
These are the 3 Types of Pinata cakes ruling social media. here is a bonus 4th type of Pinata

4. Rainbow-shaped piñata cake.

Another type that is trending is the rainbow piñata cake, specially designed for colorful people.
This cake is receiving a lot of appreciation. Its vibrant color makes it stand out from the rest. This cake has seven different layers that of a rainbow, making it a must-try cake.
Lockdown is giving birth to many trends that are going viral all over social media; this new piñata cakes trend is winning hearts too.
This cake is viral on social media since valentine and celebrations have become more exciting and memorable with these cakes.
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Pinata cakes on Bakehoney


Life is all about these moments of happiness, and pinata cakes are one perfect dessert that makes a simple occasion fun. Its 3-D look has mesmerized us all for a good reason. They are enjoyable to make, and the idea of filling it up with your favorite surprise is heavenly. It is fun to watch your loved ones when they slice out the cake and let the colorful candies spill out. And with all this and more, we wish to fill the empty spaces in every conversation with a smile.

-- Article submitted by Ritika Aggarwal who is a Homebaker by passion and an avid writer  

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