There is a cake for every occasion customized to your and mine taste. From a variety of cakes, one that's trending in 2021 is the Pull me up cake, or Tsunami cake or waterfall cake, whatever name you want to give it. Pull Me up cake is all over social media and is breaking the internet.


This article will explore more about the 'Pull me up cake' the new rage in 2021. We will talk about why it's special? Its varieties and how you can have a pie for yourself.

  Pull me up Chocolate Cake

Off late in the cake industry, the bakers are getting creative and creating cakes in their unique ways. 

They are reinventing the design, and cake designing is becoming a fun-filled game for them. Pull me up cake or the tsunami cake is the result of that creative game.


Seeing a smooth flow of lava-like chocolate or rich cream over the cake in front of your eyes is fascinating and adds a beautiful moment to the occasion.


To cut the long story short these cakes are fun for any occasion, whether it's for your birthday, anniversary, or you're simply hosting your friends for dinner.


For your kids, pull me up cakes is no less than a science experiment, and they can even customize it with the toppings of their dream, chocolate curls, dark chocolate chunks, edible glitters and much more. You will fall in love after seeing the chocolate tsunami, just have a look. Chocolate Tsunami over a Pull me up cake


Pull Me Up Cake in Delhi NCR

Wondering how to have a Pull me up cake baked and delivered at your doorsteps. If you are in Delhi NCR (Noida, Ghaziabad or Gurugram), order online on and have it delivered at your doorsteps. You have the fun of pulling it up and relish the flowing lava chocolate. 


A variety of options are available for Pull me up cakes. Let's have a look at what types of Pull me up cakes are available with us.


1. Chocolate Pull me up cake

You'd love the enchanting sight of chocolate flowing down the cake. Customize the cake as per your taste, and our bakers will create the one for your special occasion

Pull Me up Cake with Customized Flavour

2. Coffee Pull me up cake

This flavour is perfect for you if you follow the principle written in this quote.

'If my life had a flavour, it would be coffee.'

If you are one of them, then this flavour is perfect for you.

The coffee-flavoured cream rolling over the cake invite your taste buds for a refreshing treat.


3. Pull me up Doll Cake

Are you bored of the same cake designs for your kids birthday? Try out the doll cake this time. 

You must be thinking, what? Doll cakes?

Aren't these old school? The concept may be old school, but Pull me up cake adds a twist and refreshes the idea altogether. 

  Pull me up doll cake for online delivery  

Bakers and home bakers at Bakehoney have perfected the art of pull me up doll cakes and are baking beautiful doll cake that magically spills colourful cream/ chocolate of your choice and flavour over the cake!

Your kids would love to pull up the cake in the company of their friends on their next birthday. 

How to prepare for the final Pull.

Here are the steps you need to do before the last pull. Step 1: Cover the cake with a plastic sheet, make a vertical cylinder, and tie up the corners with tape. Make sure it is tight enough with the base of the cake. Step 2: Add the gooey ganache or the chocolate sauce whatever you have ordered or prepared with the cake inside the plastic sheet cylinder. In case you have ordered you're Pull me up cake from a bakery, chances are the ganache/chocolate sauce is provided separately. Step 3: Add the toppings like chocolate chips or sprinkles, or cherries over the ganache. Step 4: You are good to go for the final pull. Hold the plastic sheet and gently pull it up. We have a short video for you on the above steps



Pull me up cakes are here this season and are being loved by one and all who had their hands on this tasty treat.

More than the taste, the excitement it builds up for the occasion is unique. Whether it's you or anybody else, everybody wants to have the pleasure of pulling up the cake and see the cream flow around the walls of the cake.

You are still reading on; you are indeed in awe at this point; why wait for another day? Just order a one for yourself today from Bakehoney for online cake delivery near you in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurugran, because if it's baked, it's here.