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Britannia Style Chocolate creamy bites
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5 in one torte cake
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The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
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Gift Hamper with Plum Cake
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The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
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Mango Cupcake
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The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
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Strawberry Delight Customized Cupcake
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The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
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Delicious Chocolates Fudge
10 piece for ₹785
chocodezire - New Delhi, East Delhi
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Cupcake for Dad
4 piece for ₹502
G&M Bakers - Ghaziabad, Chander Nagar
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Delicious Yellow Cupcake
4 piece for ₹403
G&M Bakers - Ghaziabad, Chander Nagar
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Buy Baked Dessert From BakeHoney in Delhi NCR

Thinking about cake, it’s hard not to think about improvisations and upgrades. How about having a bite-sized cake lashed with loads of enriched cream? Well, baked desserts should be fantastic! You can have one exclusively for everyone in your family or at a gathering. When the cake is smaller and bite-sized, it can be personalized with more of what you like – low-sugar, high-sugar, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, cream, and so on. 

In this post, we’re talking about dessert cakes. But if you have already planned to relish some of these baked treats, you can order dessert as per your choice from the BakeHoney platform. Hundreds of different varieties of baked desserts are available all across Delhi NCR through a big network of BakeHoney home bakers and commercial bakeries. You can also seek customization in the desserts you choose. Your customized baked desserts will be delivered to your home in most places in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, and Gurugram.

Delights of Baked Desserts

These are the cakes that you would love to eat with a fork rather than your hands. It’s also too squidgy, sweet, rich, and delicious for teatime. You will like to eat them after your meals as desserts. They bring the perfect finale to a meal. 

Chocolate brownies with nuttiness and crunch are perfect with a cup of tea. But they can be a lot greater if you get them warm from the oven and eat them with scoops of ice cream. A baked dessert is both a crossover and original. While it has elements of baked goodies, it’s certainly a rich upgrade on your regular cake.  


Desserts as a Bridge Between You & Yourself 

Are desserts essential to your food? Many times, we might give them a miss, given the high amount of sugar and calories. While desserts may not be essential it helps you connect to yourself, others, strangers, and the world. Desserts can build excellent bridges even where the chasm is deep and difficult. They can help us see the common ground amid differences. BakeHoney bakers allow you to celebrate this spirit of dessert in thousand myriad ways through delightful, gorgeous, and delicious baked desserts.

 4 Baked Desserts from BakeHoney

Here is a random collection of four baked desserts available on the BakeHoney platform. They will give you an idea of the quality and variety of cakes available at BakeHoney, and how they are delivered to you. 

 Apple Cinnamon Cake  

Everyone likes to have an apple once in a while. But apples in baked recipes are extremely delightful. Take, for example, Apple Cinnamon Cake. You can order it on the BakeHoney platform. It’s a soft juicy pie with a crispy crust. Your kids will love it. All of you in the family can have it both at teatime and after meals. It can be a perfect dessert for any get-together whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. This baked dessert will be delivered anywhere in Delhi – Okhla, Greater Kailash, Panchsheel Park, Vasant Vihar, Naraina, and Punjabi Bagh

Butterscotch Cream Cupcake  

It’s a carefully crafted cupcake loaded with cream enriched with butterscotch. It’s certainly a baked dessert that you will never have enough of. The creamy and crunchy texture with a rich flavor is amazing. Made by one of the finest home bakers, you can get this baked dessert online for delivery anywhere in Noida within hours. BakeHoney ensures that customers in other parts of Delhi NCR – Gurgaon, Faridabad, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, and North Delhi -- can also have it through its home delivery mechanism. You can also ask for customization as well as messages to be embossed on this small delightful treat. 

Butterscotch Jar Cake 

A good dessert is also a delight to the eyes. Here is your delightful butterscotch cake packed in a transparent jar. You can view the entire anatomy of the brown and white creamy delight. Butterscotch is a mixture of butter and brown sugar. But it can also have some other ingredients such as vanilla and other creams. You can order this cake through BakeHoney and it can be delivered to you within a few hours in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi. Its packaging allows you to store it in the refrigerator and eat it for over a week.

Baked Chocolate Gujiya

Gujiya is a traditional homemade dessert that’s quite a permanent fixture in many festivals. It’s crispy and scrumptious, thanks to its fillings of dry fruits and khoya. BakeHoney bakers have improvised the recipe to include chocolate. So, here you have Baked Chocolate Gujiya! You can order them from anywhere in Delhi and get them delivered to your doorstep in a few hours. Gujiays are completely eggless and they can be ordered in a pack of six pieces. You can plan festival gifts for your family and friends with Baked Chocolate Gujiyas from BakeHoney bakers in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram, and Noida.  

Why Baked Desserts from BakeHoney?

We need cakes to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special moments at home and the workplace. But dessert is not such an imperative part of our social engagements. Or are they? Whatever it be if you’re out to buy some fascinating baked desserts, you’ll find BakeHoney has the quality and variety to match and exceed your expectations. These treats from our bakers will engage your sense on a delightful and fancy note. 

To create such great desserts, great chefs and bakers are needed. BakeHoney has them on its platform. They are always eager to amaze and delight you with their creativity and skills. Baked desserts come in small sizes but they’re the things powerful things to look forward to in your daily life. Baked desserts at BakeHoney try to be super fluffy when the idea is to improvise on a fluffy cake. A dense and fuzzy brownie when converted into a baked dessert aims to be unbelievably dense and fudgy. 

Here is a list of 10 baked desserts selected randomly from BakeHoney: 

  1. Butterscotch Jar Cake
  2. Chocolate Jar Cake
  3. Pineapple Jar Cake
  4. Delicious Tiramisu Jar Cake
  5. Baked Chocolate Gujiya
  6. Baked Gujiya
  7. Super Moist Chocolate Cupcake
  8. Donuts Gift Pack
  9. Nutty Baklava
  10. Pistachio Baklava

 Buy Your Baked Desserts Today from BakeHoney 

If you are living in Delhi NCR, you can visit BakeHoney right now and check out the collection of baked desserts. On this online cake marketplace, you can order desserts as per your choice. You can also plan your sweet baked goodies and ask for customized baked desserts. 

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