lockdown backing homebakers in lockdown Things might seem a little dark during this corona virus crisis, but as home bakers we are in an advantageous place. Despite being on lock down, we have access to our work stations, that is, our lovely home kitchens. Orders might have slowed down but that does not mean we should stop experimenting. We are lucky to be equipped with all the tools and resources to up skill ourselves, embark on new baking expeditions, and perfect some good old baking techniques. With time and energy on our side, lets expend it on a zen-like activity such as baking. Bakehoney has compiled a list of 4 things to do that can help you utilize your down time and emerge out of this stronger and better than before.

1. Going back to basics

All good chefs speak about the need to perfect the basics. And, as you strive to become a dexterous baker, this is an area to focus on. It is crucial that your cakes look as exquisite as they taste. After all a treat for your eyes is a treat for your mind.
  • Use this time to practice those frosting skills and create some amazing traditional tiered cakes
  • Try some decoration hacks that you find on the internet. You could explore different tools with which you can create new textures and pattern
  • Master the many ways of embellishing a cake from ganache, buttercream, fondant to naked
There’s always room for improvement. So challenge yourself and practice till you make your recipes foolproof and scrumptious. It’s time to those baking 101’s right.

2. Exploring new flavors and techniques

  • Explore a new technique that you saw on a YouTube video or try out some tips and tricks you came across on a Bakehoney blog
  • Develop new recipes and test them
  • Scrutinize your existing recipes and strive to make them better. Healthy alternatives to traditional ingredients, vegan recipes, and keto friendly desserts are the new norms of the society. There could be no better time than the present to learn and incorporate them into your recipes
  • Identify new trends and flavor profiles and analyze what could create a hype among your customer base to further enhance your menu listing
For tips on working with chocolate, alternatives to sugar, butter, and more, visit the our blog site.

3. Reinventing the business

When it comes to your business model, now is the time to take a step back and focus on aspects which are crucial to your business and redefine them. Analyse your target market to understand what your customers want and crunch those numbers to figure out where there is a scope for improvement.
  • Focus on creating a brand identity to enhance your market presence. This could be in the form of promotional flyers and brochures to promote your business
  • Invest in packaging and branding as anything that looks aesthetic gets instant attention and becomes a promotional aspect by itself. Ask people to post photos of your baked goods with hashtags to drive up your online presence
  • Having a strong online presence is important for your business. Leverage social media to send updates to your customers about what’s in store for them once this quarantine ends and the all the new offers and sweet treats they can to look forward to
  • Start a blog to write about your experiences in the bakery business. People love to hear the story behind a product that has reached their table
  • In terms of value-added services, think of ways to enhance the customer experience. It could be a small handwritten note or even a thank you card that adds a personal and unique touch

4. Exploring delivery modes for classes

For all the teachers out there, several applications are at your disposal to help you get in touch with potential students and those with baking interests.
  • Use Skype to take a one-on-one lesson or deliver a group class using Zoom. Both these applications are easy to use and handy to conduct classes for those who want to bake delicacies for themselves and their loved ones while they are at home
  • Make some creative Instagram stories with photos giving insights into your baking process. You can have a photo by photo breakdown of the process to show how you create delicious treats
  • Host an Instagram live and get people to cook along with you or maybe answer those queries from other home bakers
  • You can be more ambitious and even set up your YouTube baking channel. Bakehoney has started a live MasterClass series on YouTube, featuring dishes from professional and home bakers alike. Join the sessions to learn some cool, new recipes. If you have a recipe that you would like to share with others, we can help you get going
Baking is a lucrative career and a great form of expression. It can be a way to bring people together in tough times through a strong sense of teamwork. Let’s together overcome this lockdown with our baking skills. We know that nothing comforts the heart and soul better than a sweet treat!