Left over cake needs the right storage to keep its freshness and taste
Left over cake looking for a good storage

Cake the showstopper needs to be taken care of. Here's on storing a cake:

A cake is like the show stopper of any event or a party. Whether it be, a birthday party or simply a celebration of happiness, cutting cakes is what makes the day more memorable leaving behind a bunch full of sweet reminiscences.

Why is storing Cake such a big issue

Storing cake is not same as storing other food items. Often after the party there is a dilemma about where to store the cake whether in Freezer or in Fridge. Storing cake in Freezer frosts it and keeping it in Fridge makes it dry.
Though cakes are best when fresh but a very less known reality is that actually most of the cakes remain absolutely fine in the cold climate but thanks to the hot and humid climate in our country, the fondant begins to melt and the fruits start drying.

It happens a lot many times that you work so hard on a cake put it in the refrigerator and when you take it after a while to continue enhancing it, looks like it is just going to drench. There is a mess all around and the colors are all around your bakehouse slab. Do not get disheartened and accept the mess. We know this is not what you googled for. You want a perfect remedy. This is basically a simple physics around us.

What spoils the cake while storing

A common process called condensation takes place. The Fondant or icing is made by supersaturation of water with sucrose (sugar) so it is natural that it will absorb moisture from the surroundings and release it once you put it in a comparatively warmer place. Yes it's that basic. There's nothing wrong with the fondant

Storing a cake- best practices

The above mentioned issues with cake storage can be sorted in a smarter way using the following tips. You can learn these tips through our quick guide video on Cake storage best practices

Storing a cake best practice sharing

Here are some easy tips to help keep your cake as fresh as just baked

1. Control the Temperature

Storage of Cakes is totally a game of controlling the temperature. You can adjust the knob of the freezer in such a way that temperature inside is nearly equal to the room temperature outside. Or if you can control the temperature of your bakehouse and keep it as cool as possible- works well. This is similar to the way we put meat into the refrigerator for defrosting so as to let condensation happen gradually. In a hot and humid climate, it is essential to decrease the room temperature or increase the refrigerator temperature (maintaining the requisite temperature) by switching on the ACs, fans or dehumidifier.

Hence to maintain the freezer temperature just make sure that the knob is right around the middle not on the extreme right for obvious reasons. If you can shell out some extra money it is great to have a separate refrigerator for the cakes as you would not want to keep your other products at this temperature as they might get spoiled as well.

2. Cake in Cardboard Box

Storing the Cake in a cardboard box is going to help a lot if you can't manage the above temperature conditions. Basically the cardboard box soaks the moisture and hence prevents it from getting too bad. Putting and storing of Cakes in a Cardboard box without causing any harm to the decorations is another challenge that needs to be overcome. Well that's not too much of a worry. while unboxing the cake, simply cut two adjacent parallel edges of the top open box and then pull the cake from the hard base on which the cake is kept rather than from above.

3. Change of Fondant as per your climatic conditions

There was absolutely no problem in the fondant but different fondants come with different preservatives and additives. So using a fondant that suits your climate more is comparatively more beneficial.

Woman storing a cake in plastic box but a cardboard box is better
Woman holding a cake stored in transparent box- better would be a cardboard box though esp for a hot and humid weather

Now with that sigh of relief go on to buy the biggest of your favorite cakes, without needing to worry for their storage. After all Storing a Cake is a simple science!