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Dryfruit And Healthy Seeds Chocolate Bar
Same-day Delivery Available!!
2 piece for ₹500
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Dry Fruits Chocolate Bar
Same-day Delivery Available!!
2 piece for ₹318
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Gujia for Holi Celebration
0.5 kg for ₹550
All Things Sweet Bakery - New Delhi, Vasant Kunj
Home Baker

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Colourful Gujiya
200 gm for ₹435
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
Home Baker

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Chocolates Coated Strawberries
Same-day Delivery Available!!
6 piece for ₹300
The Homemade Delicious - Noida, Sector 48
Home Baker

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Fondant Cakesicles
Same-day Delivery Available!!
3 piece for ₹300
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Red velvet Glass Tub Cake
Same-day Delivery Available!!
300 gm for ₹310
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Strawberry Glass Tub Cake
Same-day Delivery Available!!
250 gm for ₹299
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Festivals such as Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year have their own charm and appeal. For example, the Festival of light Diwali is unique. What’s unique about it is not just millions of tiny flickering lights illuminating the darkness but the ingenuity of so many minds and their imaginations that make the light so much charming and heart-warming. The same is true for any festival. They’ve their own unique place in our lives.

Festivals are the time when hundreds of small and beautiful things come together to make the day a big one. Sweets are an essential part of these celebrations. Here again, what makes these sweets so much adorable is the variety and passion that every piece reflects.

The same passion and variety are the driving force of BakeHoney’s bakers who have put together a mind-blowing range of Diwali-themed delicacies. Presenting gift boxes to friends and family members is an essential part of Diwali. And, this culture extends to businesses and corporates that make use of the occasion to forge a new and stronger bond with colleagues and business associates. What can be a better way to do this than with BakeHoney’s Diwali Cakes or Diwali Theme Chocolates or Liquor Chocolates?

In true Indian tradition, BakeHoney bakers have gone far beyond everyday baking to create a great variety of special Diwali delicacies. These goodies come with enchanting messages and packaging. You can order these online in Delhi NCR and get them delivered to your address.

If you live in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram, and Noida, you can get these Diwali baked gifts. Even if you’re somewhere else but want to send some gifts to your family or friends in these cities, you can do so with ease through BakeHoney's online cake marketplace. 

BakeHoney’s Festival-Themed Cakes and Gift Hampers are available in all price categories. Here we present your options in five different price categories. Please, visit and explore the BakeHoney site for more options

Under Rs 500

If you want to spend Rs 400-500 for a BakeHoney festival cake or a gift hamper of chocolates, cakesicles, and cupcakes, there are more options than you care to know. Here we present you a random list of BakeHoney’s baked goodies available at this price point.

  • Diwali Special Chocolate Bomb (1 pack for ₹500)
  • Crackers Chocolate Box (1 pack for ₹400)
  • Welcome Hamper (1 pack for ₹449)
  • Gift Pack of Modak Chocolates (1 pack for ₹500)
  • Christmas Special Cakesicles (4 pieces for ₹440)
  • Special Letters Chocolates (1 pack for ₹480)
  • Red Velvet Dessert Tub (1 pack for ₹400)

Under Rs 400

Between Rs 300 and 400, the options do not become less. It’s just another way to appreciate the ingenuity of our bakers. You’ve got hundreds of options to choose from. From Cracker-shaped chocolates to Firecracker Chocolates, our bakers will make your Diwali less noisy and more delicious.  

  • Firecracker Chocolates for Diwali Gift (1 pack for ₹399)
  • Diwali Cracker Shaped Chocolates (1 pack for ₹399)
  • Diwali Cracker Chocolates with Jumbo Rockets (1 pack for ₹320)
  • Fruit and Nut Dry Cake (1 pack for ₹335)
  • Walnut and Date Dry Cake (1 pack for ₹335)
  • Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters (200 gm for ₹300)
  • Cracker Shaped Chocolates (1 pack for ₹320)

Under Rs 300

If you want to spend Rs 200-300 on Diwali gifts, BakeHoney has got you covered with hundreds of options. As we said earlier, the lower price is just another way to showcase the creative strength of our bakers. You got some amazing options in this price category.

  • Diwali Theme Chocolate Pack of 12 (1 pack for ₹220)
  • Diwali Theme Chocolate Pack of 16 (1 pack for ₹255)
  • Diwali Sticker Chocolate Pack of 16 (16 pieces for ₹220)
  • Mini Pack of Diwali Cracker Chocolates (1 pack for ₹299)
  • Diwali Theme Chocolates (12 pieces for ₹265)
  • Heart Dark Chocolate with Nuts (10 pieces for ₹250)

Under Rs 200

From Rs 100 to Rs 200 for a Diwali Gift can be the most irresistible price point. BakeHoney bakers once again prove that they are up for the competition. You’ve got an assorted chocolate pack of 10 for as low as Rs 120 while the priciest of the lot is the Homemade Theme Chocolate Pack of 12 for Rs 180.

  • Pack of 5 Heart Chocolate Box (5 pieces for ₹150)
  • Strawberry Heart Chocolate (1 piece for ₹100)
  • Mixed Flavors Chocolate Box (1 pack for ₹135)
  • Assorted Chocolate Pack of 10 (1 pack for ₹120)
  • Flavored Chocolate (10 pieces for ₹150)
  • Diwali Theme Chocolate (1 pack for ₹160)
  • Homemade Theme Chocolate Pack of 12 (12 pieces for ₹180)
  • Cracker Chocolates Gift Pack (1 pack for ₹160)

Under Rs 100

What to say about Diwali sweets and gifts under Rs 100! They are the winners hands down!! But again what is great here is the ability of BakeHoney bakers to churn out Diwali-grade sweets and gifts at this price point. Please, have a look at this random and brief list of baked goodies under Rs 100.     

  • Pink Heart Shape Chocolate (1 piece for ₹50)
  • Oreogasm Chocolate (1 piece for ₹40)
  • Rum Balls (1 piece for ₹80)
  • Rasmalai Chocolate Bar Small Pack (1 pack for ₹50)
  • Rasmalai Chocolates Bar Large Pack (1 pack for ₹60)
  • Small Pack of Chocolates (1 pack for ₹95)
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