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Gift Pack of Rum Center-filled Chocolates
Same-day Delivery Available!!
20 piece for ₹700   ₹650
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Gift Pack of Assorted filled Chocolates
9 piece for ₹550
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
Home Baker

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Rum and Raisin Truffle Balls
12 piece for ₹650
Fresh bakes by Meera - Noida, Sector-62
Home Baker

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Exotic Rum Truffles
10 piece for ₹650
Fresh bakes by Meera - Noida, Sector-62
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Best Liquor filled Chocolates
9 piece for ₹295
Bakery Shop

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Gift Pack of Rum and Raisin Filled Chocolates
Same-day Delivery Available!!
15 piece for ₹800
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
Home Baker

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Homemade Liquor Chocolates
15 piece for ₹825
Sweet'Art - Gurgaon, Sector 109
Home Baker

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Chocolate Lollipops
6 piece for ₹400
Flavours by Parul - Noida, Sector 61
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Liquor-filled chocolate may sound a little strange to those who haven’t heard of it. But the lucky ones who have tried and tasted them earlier would always look forward to these amusing concoctions. Yes, your small chocolate balls and cubes can be filled with your favorite liquors. The quantity of liquor would not be significant but it would be there inside the tasty walls of the chocolate to give you the final twist in the tale. You’re going to be wackily surprised. A tiny bit of liquor bursts in your mouth as you enjoy the delicious layer of chocolate!

Do liquor chocolates give a high?

Does it give you a high? The answer is both yes and no! Or maybe somewhere in the middle of these two! What will a tiny bit of alcohol do? Well, it will definitely give a feel of what alcohol tastes like – if you don’t know it already. In case you know what it tastes like then you can pop liquor chocolate into your mouth to feel the alcohol on your platter. You can do it at your home, in the office, during your walk in the morning. That little sting or burning sensation on your tongue mixed with the eternal greatness of chocolate is enough to make you feel heady and buoyant.

BakeHoney presents a decent range of liquor-filled chocolates to make your events special. They are available in gift packs so you can easily present them as gifts to your friends and colleagues. These can also be used as corporate gifts for the select few who make the cut for some special treatment.

How are liquor chocolates made?

There are quite a few methods to create liquid chocolates. The easiest method is to mix the alcohol in the ganache and use it inside the chocolate as the filling or cover the chocolate as a glaze. Other methods are a little intricate and may require special instruments to place the liquid inside the chocolate ball or cube. Some bakers and chocolate makers will keep their techniques secret.

But as long as you get these products fresh from the bakers’ shelves, there is little reason to think beyond that. If you have someone who loves a bit of alcohol or someone who detests it a little, liquor chocolates can be just the right thing to turn him or her on!


Order liquor chocolate at BakeHoney 

If you are somewhere in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram, or Noida, you can place your order online for liquor chocolates at BakeHoney and can choose to pick up the delivery from the baker’s outlet or ask for home or office delivery.

Besides being treats, liquor chocolates have a funny side. You can use them to amuse yourself or your family and friends. They can be a good companion on short trips. You can use them whenever you feel the need for a little zest in life.

Liquor chocolates can add to the overall experience and fun quotient at events such as birthdays and parties. Given their irresistible nature, you might need a little more than adequate stock to last the party with everyone having them to their satisfaction.  

BakeHoney’s bakers have rolled out some of the finest liquor chocolates to make your event full of zing and fun. You can try some of them to savor their quality and variety truly.

Here is a random list of some liquor-filled chocolates at BakeHoney:

  • Gift Pack of Rum Center-filled Chocolates (20 pieces for ₹700)
  • Best Liquor filled Chocolates (9 pieces for ₹295)
  • Gift Pack of Liquor Chocolates (1 pack for ₹1350)
  • Gift Pack of Liquor Filled Chocolates (15 pieces for ₹800)
  • Homemade Liquor Chocolates (15 pieces for ₹825)
  • Chocolate Lollipops (6 pieces for ₹400)


Cakes for all occasions

BakeHoney has got thousands of home bakers and retail bakeries from Delhi-NCR on its network. They create and deliver thousands of delicious and occasion-specific cakes and other baked products including cakesicles, muffins, cookies, brownies, chocolates, and more. Customers can choose from egg-based, eggless, and high-on-purity puja cakes.

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, or any other occasion, you can trust BakeHoney’s network of home bakers and retail bakeries to offer you the best cake in the town. Important family events such as engagements, marriages, baby showers, school, college admission and graduation day, and job and retirement days are all covered. You will find a suitable cake to celebrate all of these occasions and many more such occasions.  


In Conclusion

Liquor chocolates are a fun spin-off on your regular chocolate. But they are mainstream products in many countries where consuming liquor is not such a no-no as it can be in India. With tiny amounts of liquor inside the chocolaty exterior, these are fun-filled and exotic that can turn even a dull event full of life.

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