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Birthday Cake for kids
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1.5 kg for ₹1799
CAKE ME HOME - South Delhi, Greater Kailash-1
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Marvel Avengers Cake for Boy
1 kg for ₹899
Superb cake - Noida, Sector 71
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Red Carpet Cake
1 kg for ₹2550
Sensational bites by Reet bhatia - Gurgaon, Sector 23
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Blippi Theme Cake
1 kg for ₹1370
Bakeneto Bakery & Cake - Noida, Sector 35
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Blippi Theme Cake
1 kg for ₹1370
Bakeneto Bakery & Cake - Greater Noida, Gaur City 2
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Blippi Theme Cake
1 kg for ₹1370
Bakeneto Bakery & Cake - Ghaziabad, Indirapuram
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Cigarette Cake
Same-day Delivery Available!!
1 kg for ₹1600
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
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Cocomelon Cake
1.7 kg for ₹2200
Bakeneto Bakery & Cake - Greater Noida, Gaur City 2
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In our life, we get into situations where we need to plan something and suddenly get out of our thoughts. Thus, Bakehoney has created this one-stop platform where you could find fresh ideas. Some events are really special for us and Bakehoney endeavors to make them more special. Our home bakers have equally contributed to this plan by handcrafting such innovative theme cakes online suitable for all occasions.

They bestow a talent of imprinting thoughts into paper and later, turning the design into a wondrous cake. So, be sure what you have in your mind because once it is created, it can’t be changed. You can always get your cake redesigned. To make your moments countable, bakers have prepared homemade cakes of all designs, colors, flavors and styles. Let us dive into the sweetness instilled in the cakes by taking you on a small trip through this blog.


Theme birthday cakes for boys online

Blue for boys and pink for girls; the theme we have been following for decades but let's just break the monotony and impress our little heroes and heroines with something they can never forget. Our wonderful bakers have carefully handcrafted such unique ideas that will leave you awestruck.

Ditching all the old barriers and opting for new innovations, we offer you a colossal range of birthday cakes for boys available online that include gaming cakes online, superhero cakes online, sports cakes online, racing car cakes online, video game cakes online, cartoon cakes online and more. They are baked with love while making it available for tea toddlers to teenagers. Pick whatever is suitable for you.

Find your boy’s deepest interests and get a bespoke cake online ready at our bakery. For instance, if your munchkin is a fan of cricket or football, then our customized cricket and football theme cake can add excitement to his birthday bash. Have a look! They are meant for your little sports lover. This will be a forever memory on his birthday.

Also, we have a distinct category of personalized theme cakes in Noida that includes dinosaur cakes online, cartoon cakes online, movie character cakes online, pirate cakes online, photo cakes online, etc.


Theme birthday cakes for girls available online

All girls are pretty and unique in their own way. Some like to create a mess and some like to make things hassle-free. Which one are you? Whatever you are, you are beautiful. All are born special! Bakehoney believes every girl is the little princess of their home. Thus, our creative bakers emphasized making you feel like one on your once-in-a-lifetime day.

Let us take you on a tour of delectable cakes present in our store. It begins with Disney princess theme cakes available online that include Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel and Frozen Princess. You can also get your favorite princess castle designed on the cake in Noida and Delhi NCR areas. 

The trend of preparing Unicorn theme cakes can never end. We have the best ones here! Impeccably prepared in rich flavors and styles for your big day near Mayur Vihar, Noida and Delhi NCR areas. Then, we have a trending range of Doraemon cakes online, Tom and Jerry cakes online, Masha and Bear cakes online, Power puff Girls designer cakes online, Peppa Pig cakes online, Mickey and Minnie Mouse cakes online and minion theme cakes online crafted by our most creative bakers.

With an aim to make your day unforgettable, we also have a beautiful palette of personalized theme cakes online- butterfly, cute bear, Hello Kitty, makeup queen, shopaholic, selfie queen, Wonder Woman, flowers, dolls, doctor, fashion show, Mermaid, Fairy, crown, angel and more. What's your favorite theme cake?

All cakes available online can be customized as per your occasion and preferences. You can also choose the design and flavor of cake; Pinata cakes online, pull me up cakes online, 2-tier cakes online and no-bake cakes online are some of the trending ideas you would love to experience. You are welcome to add your ideas and it’s our responsibility to send you a perfect bespoke cake near me at your doorsteps within the time.


Theme cakes for new beginning available online

Once-in-a-lifetime, there comes a moment which we want to lock up in our memory forever. Which was your moment to steal? Let us know in the comment box.

A wedding is one of the events that bring such memories and celebrating this significant day can be a dream for many. Such events are very close to our hearts and without an ideal cake, the memory will be incomplete. We have a diverse range of choices for your signature cake articulated by cake artisans in Noida for your wedding, anniversary and baby shower. Let your wings take you higher as we got your dream cake here. Have a look!


  • Wedding Theme Cakes online

We have bride-groom theme cake online, fairytale theme cake online, enchanted forest cake online, starry night theme cake online, King-Queen theme cake online, Officially Husband-wife theme cake online, Bride-to-be theme cake online, Groom-to-be theme cake online, flowers theme cake online, elegant wedding cakes online, modern wedding cakes online and more near Noida Sector-15. All are perfectly curated with extra care as we emphasize making your day unforgettable.


  • Wedding Anniversary Cakes online

Wedding Anniversary is another important event for the couple and we don't want you to compromise even a little. We got the best cakes straight from our kitchen. This includes 1st Anniversary theme cake online, 25th Anniversary theme cake online, 50th Anniversary theme cake online, theme cake for wife online, theme cake for husband online, theme cake for newlyweds online and so on near Noida Sector-15. This classic range of wonderful cakes will make your day extra special. Order whatever suits your style and occasion.


  • Baby Shower Cakes

Shower your love and blessings on the newly becoming parents on the beautiful occasion of Baby Shower. Our creative bakers offer you a diverse range of baby shower cakes Noida online for girls and boys - Welcome baby girl theme cake, welcome baby boy theme cake, baby boy and girl theme cake, twins theme cake, baby bear theme cake, baby elephant theme cake, flower theme cake, born star theme cake, little princess theme cake, little prince theme cake, etc.


Milestone theme cakes online

Having a bright career in any field is a blessing. We give our 100% effort throughout our life and appreciation from our loved ones is the reward we get in return. So, give a gift of reward in the form of a Milestone theme cake and make their day special.

The best way to give your appreciation to someone is to send a congratulation cake. This will not only bring a smile to his/her face but also help give them motivation for the future. In the end, everyone wants a real appreciation in life that is filled with emotions. Thoughtfully, our bakers have established a brilliant range of congratulation cakes for our rising stars. They include dispenser barrel cake with tap online, wine barrel cake with tap online and customized cakes.

If you are looking for retirement cakes Noida online, then please take a look at Expressing your gratitude towards the person by sending a perfect retirement cake and wishing good luck can provide a peaceful journey ahead. So, be that reason for someone as we got freshly baked 'happy retirement cake' in our store. Make them smile!

You can get a bespoke cake for your dad, friend, mother, sister, brother, cousin, relative as per your taste and style. Enjoy your lifetime achievement day!


Theme cake for brother or sister online

Since you were born, your brothers or sisters have been your backbone. Their love is incomparable and invincible. They share a bond that no one can understand. Thus, they are a significant part of your life. Birthday is the best day to express your heartfelt messages towards your younger or elder siblings and let them know how much you adore them.

Make their day special by ordering an incredible cake from the plethora of choices we have created for you. Choose your favorite one!


  • Theme cake for brothers online

At the very first time, when brothers took an oath to protect their sisters forever on auspicious occasions like Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj. Since then, they have been guarding you along the way. Having a caring brother is a blessing and they deserve all the happiness in the world. Therefore, surprise them with a wonderful theme cake near Noida that can suit their interest and deliver your love and affection. We have a colossal range of theme cakes for brothers - pubg lover theme cake online, favorite book theme cake online, superhero theme cake online, Avengers theme cake online, Captain America theme cake online, Harry Potter Theme cake online, geek theme cake online, best brother theme cake online, Rakshabandhan special cake online, workaholic theme cake online and more.


  • Theme cakes for sisters online

It's not always true that only brothers protect their sisters, it can be vice versa too. They love their brothers with heart and soul. And best at hiding their secrets. Surely, you have experienced that love. Then, wait no more and plan a birthday surprise for your sister with a complimenting theme cake. Our bakers have designed a makeup theme cake online, Superwoman theme cake online, little sister theme cake online, Bhaidooj theme cake online, fashion theme cake online, footwear theme cake online, shopping bag theme cake online, dress designer theme cake online , jewellery theme cake online and more.

You can get beautiful joint theme cakes online for twins. All are perfectly baked, eggless and flavorsome with homemade essence near Noida and Ghaziabad. 


Festival theme cakes online

With decades-long ongoing traditions of performing rituals in every corner of India, we are in the era of ever-changing ways of celebrating Indian festivals. Cutting theme cakes is one of the trends that we follow today. This brings more versatility to the festivity along with sweets. This is a unique way to gather all our loved ones at a particular venue and welcome the blessings of deities by blowing the candles of the cake. 

This Indo-Western style is imprinting its glorious style on everyone. To add festive vibes to your celebration time, our renowned bakers have enlisted distinct Festival theme cakes for our lovely customers. Please take a look!


  • Holi Theme Cake online             

Holi being the traditional festival can also be celebrated with an exotic Holi theme cake. You can simply get delectable Rainbow cakes online in North East Delhi to celebrate the festival of colors or get a photo cake that can leave a long-lasting impression on the recipient. Also, we have specialized Holi poster cakes online and handprint cakes online. Whatever you choose, ensure to give an unforgettable experience to everyone.


  • Janamasthmi Theme cake online

On the birth of Lord Krishna, the entire country contributes their part in making this day memorable. Accordingly, Bakehoney's bakers are here to contribute their part by creating exclusive Janamasthmi theme cakes like Trending Pinata Matki cake in Noida. You can get the flavors revamped as per your preferences.


  • Diwali Festival Cake online

Diwali is the epitome of auspiciousness. And to celebrate it in a more grandeur way, our bakers have crafted a wide variety of beautiful Diwali cakes available online. Impress your friends and families by gifting a perfect Diwali theme cake with your heartfelt messages.


  • Christmas Festival cake online

Sing your jingles as Christmas is around the corner. Send a unique Christmas cake online to your loved ones and be a reason to bring a smile to their face. We have Santa Clause theme cake online, Christmas tree theme cake online, Angel theme cake online, Jesus Christ theme cake online, Christmas gifts theme cake online and more. Also, we have a unique list of New Year theme cakes available in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR areas adorned with unparalleled decorating elements. All can be customized in different flavors and styles.


Theme cakes with return gifts near me

Return gifts are the oldest tradition that plays a crucial role in every ceremony. You can order return gifts for your friends and families individually from our bakery. Else, you can get affordable gift hampers on purchasing your favorite theme cake online packed in attractive goodie bags or boxes. You can purchase kids theme cakes with return gifts, mom theme cake with return gifts, dad theme cake with return gifts, grandparent theme cake with return gifts, friend theme cakes with return gifts, festival theme cakes with return gifts, wedding theme cake with return gifts, anniversary theme cake with return gifts and more.

These are some of the ideas that we have for you. If we are missing something, you can add your thoughts in the comment box. So, have a delightful celebration with your dear ones with these luscious theme cakes near me baked in natural ingredients, freshly baked and creatively innovated. Get your perfect theme cake at your doorsteps near Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR. 


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