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Mango Pudding Cake
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Mango Madness Cupcake
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Mango Cake Tub
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The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
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Mango Cheesecake tub
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Fresh bakes by Meera - Noida, Sector-62
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Mango Jar Cheesecake Set of 2
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Fresh bakes by Meera - Noida, Sector-62
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Flavor divine Mango cake
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The Cakery Shop - East Delhi, New Ashok Nagar
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Flavor divine Mango cake
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The Cakery Shop - Noida, Sector 120
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Red Velvet Mango Cake
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Rapture Cakes - Noida, Sector 63
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It’s that season of the year when you find mangoes. BakeHoney has brought a huge collection of mango cakes to delight you. If you at worried about where you can find these cakes near you in Delhi or its neighboring areas, you should stay calm, and let BakeHoney help you.

Your favorite mango cake will be delivered to your doorstep virtually anywhere in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, and Faridabad. It’s fun to choose your mango cake at BakeHoney, a platform that connects customers with home bakers and professional bakery stores. If you’ve already visited BakeHoney, you would know that finding your cake and ordering it will take only a few minutes on your smartphone.

From different varieties and flavors to customization option that covers almost everything in your cake -- base material to sweetener to design and decoration -- BakeHoney bakers offers you all possible choices and with ease. 

Let’s take deep dive into what makes for a great mango cake!


Summer delights 

The mango has few parallels as seasonal fruit. It makes your summers magnificent with loads of savory nutrition. In almost all countries where mango is found, there is a long list of mango-based recipes. In cakes, mango can bring a sparkling yellow color and its delicious taste. 

For mango cakes and other baked goodies near you in Delhi, you can check out BakeHoney's online cake marketplace. Here, you will find thousands of cake varieties including mango cakes such as Birthday Mango Cake, Mango Rose Cake, Mango Passion Fruit Entremet, or Best Mango Cake. 

All these cakes can be delivered to your address in Delhi NCR within 4 to 24 hours of you making the order.  

Ripe mangoes are commonly used for making soups, desserts, and appetizers. They virtually rule our summer diet as they end up being the prized ingredient in ice-creams, milkshakes, and cakes, to name a few. Mango festivals and Summer Menus inspired by this juicy and delicious fruit are very common at restaurants and bakeries.

Whether you want to order one cake or a few of them for a bigger gathering, you can count on BakeHoney bakers to deliver your order with full care and responsibility. If you're wondering where you can find mango cakes in South Delhi areas like Greater Kailash, Chittaranjan Park, Vasant Vihar, R K Puram, or Anand Niketan, you can fully trust BakeHoney as your cake partner for any occasion.

Mango Cakes

Mango cakes typically use mango puree to form the batter and mango cream for the frosting. Mango chunks and slices are also used to enhance the presence of this delicious fruit in your cake. Besides, regular ingredients such as cream, cream cheese, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors can be used to suit the taste and occasion. 

As cakes have two major types of ingredients dry and wet, mango pulp comes under the wet ingredient. It’s important to understand this because you need to have an eye on the proportion of dry and wet ingredients if you are ever going to try your hands at it. 

Mango Cheesecake made with luscious cream cheese, sweet mango, and other ingredients can be found anywhere in the world. In fact, you can find many variants of their signature recipe. Mango cakes without eggs and gelatin are also very common.

For example, a birthday cake with some chocolate or an anniversary cake with generous amounts of cream is a given. So, you may want them in your mango cake, too, depending on the occasion.

Mangoes are extremely refreshing in hot and humid summers. A piece of soft and spongy mango cake with your favorite ingredients can make for a perfect snack or dinner item. For birthdays, anniversaries, and parties, mango-based cakes, muffins, and biscuits can be the show-stopper. 


Mango Cakes at BakeHoney

As the summer is at its peak and mangoes are widely available at fruit shops across the country, you may be yearning for some mango cakes. On the BakeHoney platform, passionate home bakers and professional bakery stores have lined up a huge assortment of mango-based cakes.

These cakes are in all possible varieties and flavors. For example, if you want Alphonso or some other mango variety in your cake, you can ask for customization if your choice is not readily available. Mango cakes can be used for any occasion from birthday parties to anniversaries and as teacake to travel cakes.

Here is a random list of 10 mango-based cakes at BakeHoney. However, hundreds more are waiting to be discovered by you.

 1. Birthday Mango Cake

2. Mango Rose Cake 

3. Mango Passion Fruit Entremet 

4. Best Mango Cake

5. Mango Loaf Cake with Mango Compote 

6. Alphonso Mango Cake 

7. Fresh Mango Cake 

8. Mango Jelly Cake 

9. Mango Cake

10. Mango Mint Tart


Mango cake decoration 

One of the greatness of using mangoes in your cake is the way they can be used to decorate the cake. From square chunks to flowery slices, they can be used in many ways. The decoration can take up a great deal of time. But the effort is well paid off in the manner the cake blossoms into a big yellow flower. 

It’s soft, spongy, and delectable. In terms of looks, it’s unlike most cakes you have seen. It has a vibrant and perky personality that looks great from every possible angle.

At BakeHoney online cake marketplace, home bakers and professional bakeries take extreme care in delighting their customers with great cakes designed and decorated with finesse. Getting a name or message written with edible creams or chocolate is possible. While placing your order, you should mention your message, customization requests, and other instructions well.


Want a Mango Cake? Visit BakeHoney Right Now!

Nothing can be as delicious as mangoes if you want to beat the summer heat. They are the perfect antidote to everything that’s not-so-great about summers. With mango cakes, you can have both your cake and mangoes. Living in Delhi can mean staying away from mango farms. But this should not mean you should stay away from the delicious yellow treat. Visit BakeHoney to order your mango cake today and expect it to be delivered to your doorsteps within a few hours.

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