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If you don’t wish to share your cake, buy a bento! We have known cakes to be big, spongy, and creamy. They can be rich and elaborate in ingredients and decoration. But right now bento cakes are taking the cake world by storm. They are spongy and creamy like all other cakes. But they are not big! And, no one is complaining either. Bento cakes are small to fit into a tiffin-box. They are also called tiffin-box cakes.   

From New York to Singapore, Hong Kong, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Delhi, Bento cakes are all the rage. What is bento cake? We answer this query in the next section. Meanwhile, Delhi and NCR residents can explore the bento cakes varieties available on the BakeHoney platform and order the bento cake that takes their fancy. 


What’s bento cake?

Bento means the traditional tiffin-box in the Japanese language. The idea of bento as a tiffin box transcends the borders of Japan and is prevalent in neighboring Koreas and other south-east Asian countries such as Singapore. A bento cake is Korean Lunchbox Cake, a mini cake that has a diameter of 4-5 inches and weighs around 300-350 grams. It sits inside a container that would pass for a tiffin box. You may wonder where I can find a lunchbox cake near me. If you are living in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, or Gurugram, you can buy Korean Lunchbox Cake online from the BakeHoney platform.  

Why is bento cake all the rage?

Singapore has many bento-themed bakery stores such as Bentogirlsg, Bentocakesg, Bentobakesbyjeowy, and Bento Cake Burglar. These mini lunch box cakes are fast becoming a popular choice as a takeaway treat. You can order these mini lunch box cakes online and can get them delivered to your doorstep within a few hours. 

Small and cute, unique bento cake design makes them irresistible and at the same time they are too good-looking to bite into! They are small personal cakes that can have a message for you or your significant one. The size is good for one or two persons, meaning you’re going to eat it yourself or you would share it with someone special. Eating or sharing a bento cake gives you an added feeling of some personal moments. So, it can be the best gift idea for birthday's boy/girl in office.

Many people find carrying a bento cake as a treat to the office or a long day at work outdoors a good idea. Similarly, having favorite bento cakes for everyone at a gathering makes the occasion all the more special and graceful. If you want to order a Birthday Lunch Box in Noida online, log on to BakeHoney and check out the available bento cakes. 


Bento cake origin

Your bento cake in Noida has an origin in South Korea and it became popular during the lockdown when social distancing prioritized personal cakes rather than sharing from a big cake at birthdays and get-togethers. These small cakes complete with frosting and decorations stay like that in tiffin-box containers. So, when you order a bento cake in Noida online and get it at your home, you are actually going to relish a unique bento cake design conceived in North Korea. 

You can find a wide variety of bento cakes – something for everyone. For example, you can expect a heart-shaped, classic circle, middle filling matching the frosting, and so on. So, why not buy a bento cake for love online and get it delivered to his/her home. Bakery stores are now offering a complete menu with bento cakes and other confectionaries.    


Intimate décor 

What makes a bento cake great is the intimate décor that borders on classy to cute. Take a look at these cutie pieces of baked treat and your will say: Bento cake I love you! 

To get this result, bento cakes are usually baked in advance and put through a meticulous decoration process. For example, multiple layers of frosting and handcrafted flowers on each of these cakes can take time. But for the bakers, it’s a creative journey that’s very well received and appreciated by the consumers. Can you find a better cake for father back at home? It’s easy to buy a bento cake for father online through the BakeHoney platform. 

Any decent baker would offer bento cakes in 20-flavors and multiple designs. Now, you can find the perfect bento cake for dad in all his favorite flavors. So, no procrastination! Order a bento cake for dad online.  

These cakes promote variety as within a family, people may have different preferences. So, a family can order separate bento cakes with lemon, chocolate, and vanilla flavors to suit the individual taste of everyone in the family. Eggless variety is, of course, an important segment. 


Bento cake at BakeHoney platform

If you love cakes, you can’t miss out on bento cakes available at the BakeHoney platform. You can order a bento cake for father online

Here are some of them: 

  1. I Love You Bento Cake
  2. Bento Cake for Dad 
  3. Birthday Bento Cake 
  4. Birthday Lunchbox Cake

How to buy bento cake in Delhi?

The BakeHoney platform that connects bakery stores, home bakers, and consumers through its online marketplace offers a great assortment of tastefully crafted bento cake varieties for its customers in Delhi and nearby cities. Whether you live in Greater Kailash, Chitranjan Park, Vasant Vihar, Preet Vihar, Shahdara, or Pitampura, you can get your bento cake delivered at home. The BakeHoney network is active in Delhi’s satellite cities also. It means even if you are living in Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, or Greater Noida, you can use the BakeHoney platform to order your favorite cake online. 

In conclusion 

The bento cake is trending from New York to Florida, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Delhi. Exclusive bento cake bakeries have popped up in cities and many of them offer a complete menu with bento cake as the centerpiece. In Delhi-NCR, customers can use the BakeHoney platform to choose their favorite bento cakes and order them online. Whether it’s a personal affair between you two or a more social one, bento cake is for all seasons and occasions. Give it a try!

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