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Keto Gluten free Cream Icing Cake
500 gm for ₹920
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
Home Baker

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Almond Flour Keto Cream Icing Cake
500 gm for ₹1030
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
Home Baker

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Double Dark Chocolate Sugar-free and Keto Tub
Same-day Delivery Available!!
250 ml for ₹430
CAKE ME HOME - South Delhi, Greater Kailash-1
Bakery Shop

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Keto Banana Walnut Diet Cake
500 gm for ₹1000
All Things Sweet Bakery - New Delhi, Vasant Kunj
Home Baker

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Keto Chocolate Diet Cake
500 gm for ₹1100
All Things Sweet Bakery - New Delhi, Vasant Kunj
Home Baker

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Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Diet Cake
500 gm for ₹1100
All Things Sweet Bakery - New Delhi, Vasant Kunj
Home Baker

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Keto Cheesecake Brownie
500 gm for ₹1200
All Things Sweet Bakery - New Delhi, Vasant Kunj
Home Baker

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Multi Seed Gluten-free Keto Flour Bread
1 pack for ₹450
The Blue Danube - Noida, Sector 142
Bakery Shop

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Keto cakes and other baked food items have to be made with flour that doesn’t contain any carbohydrates. Sugar and jaggery as sweeteners are another big no here! It can have saturated fat but not the dairy variety. How do you make a cake or any other baked goodies with these limitations? Well, chefs and bakers love to take on challenges. So, keto cakes and bread not only exist, they are very successful, too. 


Keto in Trend

Well, keto foods are in vogue and your cakes and bakery items can’t stay behind. BakeHoney home-bakers and professional bakeries have put their skills to create a wide range of Keto-themed baked food items.

Whether you live in Vasant Vihar in South Delhi or Preet Vihar in East Delhi, you can get keto cakes and cookies right at your doorsteps, thanks to BakeHoney online cake marketplace.

Finding Carb Substitute 

Finding flour that doesn’t contain any carbohydrate is difficult but not impossible. Almond flour and coconut flour are widely used to make Keto savories. Flour from many different seeds is also used as the base material for keto bakery products. BakeHoney bakers offer many of these varieties of keto cakes and breads. 

These substitutes to wheat flour are so effective that a large slice of keto cake may not contain even 3 grams of net carb. Does that sound too good to believe! Yes, that’s the kind of meticulous planning BakeHoney bakers do to ensure your keto cakes, breads, and cookies are what they are meant to be – extremely low in carbohydrates. 


Keto Cakes in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Faridabad

If you’re living in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, or Faridabad, you’re never far from keto-baked food items. Visit the online cake marketplace BakeHoney and check out what the best home bakers and professional bakeries have on offer for you. For a sample here is a list of some of the keto cakes and other baked food items available from our passionate bakers on BakeHoney. 

  1. Almond Flour Gluten-free Keto Bread 
  2. Double Dark Chocolate Sugar-free and Keto Tub
  3. Multi-Seed Gluten-free Keto Flour Bread 
  4. Coffee Mocha Keto Chocolate Cake 
  5. Almond Keto Gluten-free Bread 
  6. Keto Overloaded Chocolate Cake 
  7. Almond Keto Gluten-free Bread
  8. Keto Chocolate Cookies 
  9. Wildberry Keto Fit Cake 
  10. Keto Double Dark Chocolate Cake 
  11. Pink berry Keto and Sugar-free Fit Cake 


What is Keto Baking? 

It’s part of the ketogenic diet plan that’s strictly low-carb and demands the use of alternative ingredients and processing methods. That said these conditions are not very hard to meet in a world where there are substitutes for practically everything. If you’ve never tried a keto cake or bread, let us tell you that it likely tastes like any standard cake. Even if it doesn’t many of your friends at the birthday or anniversary party may not notice the difference.   

You can get an idea of how a keto cake or bread tastes by ordering one from BakeHoney right away! Whether you live in upmarket South Delhi or the middle-income neighborhood of West Delhi, BakeHoney's online cake marketplace has you covered. Your order will be delivered anywhere in Delhi and most places in its adjoining cities Noida, Gurugram, and Faridabad

While considering Keto cakes at BakeHoney, you can also consider other cakes as a gift to your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, friends, and colleagues. Why not use the opportunity to find out all the options available there. Maybe, some other day you might need one of them!


Keto Cakes at BakeHoney

As a unique online marketplace for cakes, BakeHoney is a novel concept and it’s doing very well. We’ve individual home-bakers as well as reputed bakery brands selling their products through the BakeHoney platform. At BakeHoney, you can find keto cakes with and without egg options. There are many other customization possibilities. But when it comes to keto foods, you know the ground rules.

BakeHoney's network of bakers takes extreme care to match and exceed their customers’ expectations. It also includes serving you at your location. Your cake will be delivered to your address no matter whether you live in East Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, or North Delhi. Customers from Faridabad, Noida, and Gurgaon can also expect their cakes to be delivered in most locations in these cities. 


Keto Baking is Popular 

Keto baking has become a big trend in developed countries in the last 10 years or so. Believed to help in many health conditions, the Keto diet is a major change in the food habit of a person. Not following the no-carb, no-sweet, and no-dairy rules can disrupt the process of ketogenic process in which the body uses fat/oil rather than carbohydrates to drive energy. 

The use of wheat flour in a cake or bread provides the structure and binding effect. Besides, it also helps in gas retention during the baking process which makes the products soft and spongy. A wheat flour substitute should offer these qualities. Keto-baked items use the flour of dried fruits and nuts such as coconut, almonds, walnuts, pistachio, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts. Flour derived from many types of seeds is also used.  

The beauty of a keto cake is that most of you may not notice that it’s a cake without carbs, dairy products, or ordinary sweeteners. It is likely going to taste similar to another cake with the same flavor – what with a tender crumb, with a moist and fluffy texture.  


Buy Your Keto Cake from BakeHoney

A very important thing about keto cakes and breads is that the recipe should be strictly followed to the last detail. And, BakeHoney bakers take pride in preparing these savory treats just as they are supposed to be.

So, are you somewhere in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram, or Noida? No matter where you are as long as you are not out of Delhi-NCR, you can confidently order any cake including keto cake for any occasion from BakeHoney. 


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