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Cupcake For Dad
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SaRa's kitchen - Noida, Sector-50
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Father's Day cake
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1 kg for ₹1200
RichBake Cake Shop - New Delhi, Rohini
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Birthday Cake for Papa
500 gm for ₹500
Superb cake - Noida, Sector 71
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Cool Grandpa Cake
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0.5 kg for ₹849
Queen's Cakes - Faridabad, Sector 46
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Cool Dad Emoji Cream Cake
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1 kg for ₹1549
Queen's Cakes - Faridabad, Sector 46
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Classic Fondant Dad Cake
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1 kg for ₹1749
Queen's Cakes - Faridabad, Sector 46
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Cool DAD Emoji Cake
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1 kg for ₹1198
Box of cake - Faridabad, Sector 35
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Super Dad Cake
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Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
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Buy the Father’s Day Cake From BakeHoney in Delhi-NCR

A father doesn’t complain when the mother gets all the kudos! He is often the same even when overlooked. That, perhaps, must be the reason why there’s a Father’s Day. That’s probably also the reason why the ‘Father Takes the Cake’ trends every year. No matter how you look at it, your online cake marketplace BakeHoney has a large assortment of Father’s day cakes that you can order online and get delivered to your home from a nearby home-baker or commercial bakery in Delhi NCR – Faridabad, Gurugram, and Noida -- in a few hours. 

Delight the Dad with a BakeHoney Cake  

The feeling of protection that you get from having your father around, at arm’s length, a stone’s throw away, within shouting distance, on hand, or with the cool touch of his palm on the forehead is beyond words. 

On this Father’s Day, delight him with the most magnificent cake in the world! If you’re wondering how I can find the best Father’s Day cake near me, our advice is you should stay calm and visit BakeHoney. You will get your chosen cake delivered to your location anywhere in Delhi or NCR in a matter of a few hours. However, you should not leave the task of ordering the cake to the last minute. 

BakeHoney is the bakers’ choice for taking their cakes to all places feasible. In other words, BakeHoney is The Online Marketplace for bakery delights including the all-time favorite, the unbeatable Cake!


Presenting the Father with a Slice of Life

Honoring the Father extends back to the time of Adam in the Garden of Eden where apples grew profusely to the present day of Apple devices. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with a modern-day cake from BakeHoney. Presenting fathers with a slice of a cake on Father’s Day is pretty ordinary but with a BakeHoney cake, you can make it even more memorable. You can choose a home baker or commercial bakery on the BakeHoney platform nearby your location. How I can find a baker near me is never a question as long as you are in Delhi or NCR and take the help of BakeHoney online cake platform. 


Custom-Made Cake for Father 

Life is hectic these days! So, how do you show special respect to the father on this special day? Celebrating Father’s Day or even the father’s birthday with a custom-made cake is the best thing you can do. And, BakeHoney cakes for the father can be your trophy! 

From the Designer Pineapple Cake to the Chocolate Father’s Birthday Cake! And which father in Delhi-NCR hasn’t had a bite of the Teddy Bear Birthday Cake!! For, aren’t fathers like big bears with their cuddly huge hugs that daughters love, and sons take the feeling home to school!


Ahoy! Father’s Day is coming!

June 19 is the Father’s Day. It is not far in the future, and already there’s that tingling expectation in the air, buzzing with every step taken towards that landmark annual date. And BakeHoney is fully aware of Father’s Day as are the bakeries that join hands with BakeHoney to give everyone in the family the ultimately delicious Father’s Day experience. Every BakeHoney cake for Father’s Day is created with the purest cake ingredients, such that it leaves every father online in awe, clearly in wow!


Taste of the Father’s Day Cake 

The loving effort that goes into making BakeHoney Father’s Day cakes is felt in the essence of how they taste. Try the eggless Black Forest cake or the Number One Dad Cake! There’s also the Birthday Cake for Dadu! Get on the net and search. You’ll be looking at an array of BakeHoney Father’s Day cakes. And just that one look will be sufficient for anybody with a father’s birthday looming to reach for the smartphone and make the smart decision to buy online a BakeHoney Father’s Day cake. Try the Bento Cake for Dad The Tier Retirement Cake for Dad or the Happy Retirement Cake for the father who is just then stepping into retirement!


Cakes for the Father-Figure, Mentor

At BakeHoney, there are so many cakes for the father figures in your life that you’ll be spoilt for choice on Father’s Day. The father figure can be anybody with a big heart -- who mentored and shaped your life and worldview. From the Boss in the office to the Coach in the boxing ring! Anybody who guides you through life’s maze is worth recognition, appreciation, and celebration. BakeHoney’s Father’s Day cakes cover the entire spectrum. For example, anyone can celebrate a Special Father’s Day on October 2, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, as a tribute to the Father of the Nation, with a BakeHoney Father’s Day Super Dad Cake! 


Getting hold of cakes for the father

Ordering BakeHoney Father’s Day cakes is as easy as they melt in the mouth. Online is the right mode these days of the Internet and the smartphone. BakeHoney has hundreds of homer-bakers and retail bakeries on its platform ready to deliver cakes on order and reaching out to them with your Father’s Day cake requests is best done through the BakeHoney website. Operating in the Delhi-NCR region, BakeHoney is known throughout for Father’s Day specialty cakes in their diverse and yummy flavors, personalized to touch a tender chord in the father, bring a smile on the face of the most stoic and serious Dad in space, and time!


Buy Your Cake from BakeHoney

Every Father’s Day, fathers look forward to getting pampered. On this, his special day, no father, or father figure, should go without a Father’s Day cake, delivered at his doorstep, placed on his dinner table, with a knife handy at hand! The first slice, cut from the BakeHoney Father’s Day cake, should melt the Father’s heart, and leave it brimming to the top with joy and happiness that transcends to the heavens! So, whether you are in the East of Kailash, Vasant Vihar, Panjabi Bagh, Faridabad, Noida, or Gurugram, order your Father’s Day cake from BakeHoney online cake marketplace.  

Happy Daddy’s Day!

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