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As the year ends, the craving for deliciousness begins. You might have celebrated your New Year with old trending cakes but now we won’t let you compromise with the same as we have an arrival of new cream cakes in our bakeries that will shift your party mood to the next level. Not because of how intricately they are designed, also how yummylicious they taste.

A flavorsome recipe of cream cake can be nicely go-to if you are looking for a quick dessert. For years, this has been a premium choice of many and is the oldest trend for celebration. Immaculately flavored with vanilla, it can create unprecedented style and taste depending on what you use for frosting or filling.

Making no wait, we are excited to share some exclusive cream cakes from our bakery. They are made with all the love and support you have given to Bakehoney and its wonderful bakers. Hope you enjoy the list! And as you do, make sure you order for your special mornings or nights.


Give your tastebuds a treat to remember that is filled with luscious flavors of chocolate, fruits and nuts, seeds, sprinkles, and more in heavy or low cream frosting. Its sweet yet refreshing taste can leave an imprint on others.  All the cream cakes can be tailored into trending styles according to your desires. We have a plethora of fruity flavors to offer to our clients to make their cakes more promising. For each occasion, we have a distinct variety of chocolate cream cakes ready in our bakery. Have a blast on your birthday. Check our website,

Making cakes is an art and we know how to impress you. Thus, whenever you feel like ordering a chocolate cream cake available online filled with your favorite fruit spread or chocolate ganache for your loved ones, click on the ‘add to cart’ button and satisfy your cravings.  We have chocolate mousse cake, buttercream cake with macarons, chocolate cream cake for him, chocolate cream cake for her, Fruit cream cake, Belgian chocolate cake, and more. Get your favorite chocolate cream cake near Gurgaon and Noida regions.  We have a different section made for special events like anniversaries, weddings, and other events.


The most highlighted cream cake for your wedding day is our Golden wedding cake. It's cream and golden! What a rare combination you will ever get on your golden day? It’s just not a cake; it’s a feeling that is inexplicable. If it’s going out of the theme, then you can plan an elegant and sophisticated cake for your grand day. We have 2 tier wedding anniversary cream cakes, engagement cream cakes with flowers, 3 tier wedding cream cakes, etc.

Capture those golden memories by getting the couple’s name etched on your favorite wedding cake complimented with enthralling delicacies for adding more uniqueness. Get ready to take a dive into the pleasant and gratifying creamy flavors. Feel delightful with their exotic taste.

For your other significant events like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, our cakes can be your signature style. Breaking all the stereotypes, the best and most unique cake is baked here available in distinct flavors near Ghaziabad and Noida regions. You can place the order today for your friends, cousins, and loved ones.



If you don’t prefer cream cakes much, we got minimalistic cakes for her filled with minimal cream. Whether you are ordering for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any corporate event, it will provide you with a roller coaster experience of less cream and more flavors. It can be coated with a crunchy outer crust and filled with tempting chocolate ganache. This wholesome trip to unprecedented taste and flavors will quench your quest. For adding more versatility to these amazing minimalistic cakes for him available online, we can use your thoughts.

The cake can be a style stature for your big day. It can impress anyone with its appearance and taste. We are making quick and safe deliveries near Noida and Delhi NCR areas. Make way for trending minimalistic cream cake and let the party begin!


If it is a milestone day, it must be worth it! For this day, we have specialized cream cakes online. The moist cake can be layered with nuts or the richness of chocolate cream. We will ensure its unique taste will spellbind the audience with its magic. Great combinations are skillfully crafted by great cake artisans. One of the best cream cakes for your milestone day is Nutty Italian cake and Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut cream cakes. They are available in distinct styles and sizes; pick the best as per your requirement. We have more surprises on our website, take a look.  Surprise your dear ones on their special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. You can also celebrate career milestones by cutting minimalistic or heavy milestone cream cakes.

We are available in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR regions and ready with your preferable cream cake for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. It can impress anyone with its remarkable appearance and taste. Get your heart mesmerized with this sweet and rich bundle of happiness while you make each moment count.


Coffee naturally enhances the flavor of any cake, and cake filled with espresso flavor and frosting is likely to be cherry on the top. The softness and fluffiness of coffee cream cakes are enough to fulfill all your desires. These can be a perfect chocolate treat for all coffee lovers. If you have not tried the coffee-filled cream cake, you are missing an incredible experience. They are exceptionally hard to resist.

The bakers have packed a delicious fusion of chocolate and cappuccino in a cake which you will experience once you cut through its intrinsic cream frosting. You can redesign your cream cake as per the occasion and the style you love the most. Have a bespoke coffee cream cake ready at your doorsteps powdered with instant espresso to tantalize your tastebuds. We have Irish Tiramisu cakes designed with extravaganza, Coffee is an addiction and these cakes near Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR will prove it because of their irresistible taste. Order an amazing chocolate cappuccino cake now!


Inspired by the traditional sweets, our cream cakes can be fantastically topped with special flavors. They are intricately designed with high-end ingredients to hype your festive mood and perfectly curated by home bakers. Our signature festival cream cakes create a mark in the mind with their layers of sweetened flavors and magical colors. By adding decoration elements, these cakes near Gurgaon can create a unique look.

They can be customized in any flavor or style; allow us to dive into your mind and bake a delicious cream cake for Holi, Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Christmas, and more. This ideal dessert can make your day! Choose from the plethora of our festive cream cakes online and add novice to your upcoming festival. We also provide takeaway services with a freshly baked cake carrying your deep-felt messages along.


Adding a peaceful vibe to your sight, a beautiful black or white forest cake is mesmerizing million hearts. From impressing your clients to surprising employees on their big day, this cake is stunningly leaving a remark on the mind. Whatever theme you plan, this cake will go with everything. Keeping minimalistic design over the cake, it is curated while maintaining corporate aestheticism. The theme is accordingly planned to provide a formal-looking cake for your corporate occasions.

The black or white forest cake online can be complementary to your elegant business evenings. We can also add eye-catchy cake decor elements to make it classier. If you are looking for a grand party at your office or outside, get the best corporate cakes in Noida, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad regions delivered from Bakehoney.


If you are a fruit lover, then we have baked these exclusive cream cakes for you so that they are sugar-free. The ecstatic fusion of cream and fruits creates a sweet taste with no added preservatives. Packed in the flavors of fresh fruits, these sugar-free fruit mania cakes for grandparents are an emotion. With each bite, you will experience something amazing. To personify its beauty more appropriately, we can decorate the cake so that you won't be able to take away your eyes.

Mango is the king of fruits and it rules everyone's heart with its delightful taste. Thus, we have this luscious mango mania cream cake available online. Combining fruits with this cake creates a novel idea of presenting something unique. Also, we have more flavors available in our bakery; you can get it customized in any style. Its super moist and soft texture makes this 'melt-in-mouth' dessert for your parents. You can order from near me and get our delectable sugar-free fruit cakes delivered safely and quickly. We make each moment count by giving you a 'Perfect cake for your perfect day.


For celebrating more years of togetherness, here comes a perfect partner cake for your forever love. Intricately crafted with superior flavors and a classy appearance, our chocolate semi-fondant cream cakes are trending these days. If you are planning to surprise special ones or getting ready for your engagement wedding day or anniversary day, we got Mr. & Mrs.'s delicious cake ready here!

Make this your signature style and stun your guests. The cream cake online can be customized according to your taste and choices. We have lip-smacking Mr. and Mrs. cream cakes in South Delhi giving you an eggless option too. The bakers are versatile and creative, thus always endeavor to make your day unforgettable.


Spot some limelight on this amazing social media photo cake; a new trend that is overpowering the industry. We have a habit of uploading everything on social media sites; thoughtfully this incredible social media photo cake is crafted. You can surprise your influencer friend with this wondrous and delectable cake topped up with social media icons and a photograph inscribed in it. This will be a forever memory for them. Get on the board by ordering this unique chocolate cream cake available online and load all your pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

Our bakers are proficient in creating anything that impresses you. So, you can also get this cake redesigned according to your taste and style. Add this to your list and create everlasting memories to cherish later. Gift this cake in Gurgaon and Noida to your social media addict sister or brother who loves to pose and post.


Bringing you the most unique Valentine’s cream cakes crafted intricately by the best home bakers is our priority. We can guarantee that our novel cakes specifically designed for this day will amaze you. Check out this breathtaking heart rose cream cake which will be an unprecedented choice you will make today! The design inspired by the bundle of roses kept in a heart-shaped box is the epitome of creativity our bakers show while crafting a cake for you. This heart rose cake of togetherness is what everyone desires and how beautifully it is implemented here.

With its extraordinary taste, the cream cake is infused with the superior quality of strawberry flavors for gaining a mouthwatering experience. Enjoy the pleasant and deliciousness of this irresistible rose cake online after you end up looking at it. It’s so pretty that it can deliver all your heartfelt messages to your partner. We have more styles available in our bakery, choose which best suits you. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the way that you had never with our Valentine’s cream cakes online.

These are some of the ideas that we brought to you straight from our hearts. As much as we have infused our creativity and efforts in these cakes, we wish that you cherish the same. If you have more ideas that we can apply or revamp the old ones, you are most welcome to share them with us. Get these cakes delivered quickly at your doorstep with safety even in the congested areas near me. We will ensure you share the best memory of your life with our delicious cakes. You will get all the unique cakes baked freshly here with homemade essence. Add to the cart now!



Friends are like family! Mud cakes under 500 are the new trends in the industry that became a signature style for special events like birthdays. Also, this will suit your pocket. The use of hues and textures on the cake makes it appear like mud. It is beautifully crafted with chocolate cream to satisfy your tastebuds. Prepared by cake experts, it can be revamped as per your preferences. We have more ideas on our website giving you the same appearance but carrying different flavors. Chocolate chip cake, chocolate walnut cake, chocolate flakey cake, and chocolate crunch cake are some of our best designs straight from Delhi NCR bakeries.

We have a unique variety of fresh cream cakes flavored with distinct flavors. For instance, Pineapple cream cake, butterscotch cream cake, berries cream cake, strawberry cream cake, and more. Whatever you prefer for your special day, we will ensure it gives you a pleasant memory to cherish. The silver and grey effect on mud cake available near me makes it shiny and alluring. Be it any occasion, we will get you the fresh cream cake safely delivered to your place. Order anyone and make your loved ones feel special.


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