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Ever wondered why we cut cakes on birthdays? There must be a day when this trend started. Before we draw your attention towards the tale of baking, Bakehoney would like to give birthday wishes to our readers. While making a wish, blow out the candles but don’t tell anyone what you wished for because it has a reason behind it. And here, we are going to unveil all the curtains from the secret history of baking cakes to baking goods.

The significance of Gods and Goddesses is still the same then and now but there is a small shift. From there, the trend of celebrating birthdays started in Ancient Greek. To admire their deities, they began a tradition to celebrate their births. Distinct from the cakes we relish today, they started baking a round-shaped cake to symbolize the Sun or Moon. They used to add candles to the cake to make it glow like the Sun or moon. Interestingly, the tradition we follow even today carries a deep meaning inside.

Later, by the 13th century, German children began celebrating their birthdays. Before the candles were blown out and the cake was eaten, the birthday boy or girl would make a wish. Unlikely, the candles kept burning all day and were sometimes replaced with new ones. Do you know? Candles were believed to be the lights of life, with one candle for each year and an additional one for the continuation of life. With the blown-out candle tradition, it was believed that the smoke of the candle will take our heartily wishes to heaven for making them true.

With time-tested methods, industry bakers have marked the milestones. Minimalism and unique things started influencing our minds today but what has not changed is the significance of celebrating happiness. Industry connoisseurs have flooded the market with unparalleled ideas; discover your best way to express heartfelt feelings towards your special ones. Bakehoney is India’s 1st multi brand bakery marketplace in the industry. Take a tour of the trending cakes designs in this year that have their glorious history.





Adding a feature of versatility to this trending cake in India, this can be a party showstopper. Pinata cakes have a brittle exterior and consist of desirable surprises inside - chocolates, cupcakes, toys, cakes, messages and gifts. This is a wonderful way to surprise your loved ones and smashing the cake adds an eternal memory to your treasure. There are endless styles of trending Pinata cakes  flooding the entire market now after the beginning of the heart-shaped pinata cake trend on Valentine's Day 2022. Today we can see ball, animal, robot, half-sphere and more styles available in distinct flavors near Gurgaon, East Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.



Another trend that has overpowered the industry with its understated charm is the trending Pull me up cake. The uniqueness of this cake is that it creates a magical effect in reality, the moment you pull up the sheet. The cakes are entwined with a pouring ganache filled with unprecedented flavors. Before beginning the cake ceremony, you add the liquid inside the sheet. And the moment you pull up the sheet, it creates an unusual waterfall covering the cake that is enchanting and amazing. There are endless options available in the market for trending pull me up cakes. Frozen princess or doll cakes are on the top list made by top home bakers in Delhi NCR regions.


Cake ceremonies are simple like you blow out candles and cut the cake. Where is the fun? What if we add an adventure to your party to make it more memorable? Trending Bomb blast surprise cakes in Delhi NCR are designed uniquely having a solidified bomb-shaped plastic shell that covers a surprising cake inside. The shell consists of a cracker stick. At lighting this, the flaps will open while unveiling an unexpected gift or cake. Style of cakes can be customized in any flavor or design you perceive and we will get you a newly designed cake that fits any occasion.



Birthday occasions give you a chance to get reconnected with your loved ones and are incomplete without a perfect cake and especially return gifts. Bakehoney has a plethora of choices while offering you a flavor of happiness. The pack ensures to provide unmatched food items while giving you the advantage of buying at an affordable price. The pack can be customized as per your occasion with cakes, cookies, cakesicles, desserts and snacks. This helps you in saving time and money while achieving all your birthday goals. Order a perfect birthday cake with return favors made by best home bakers in Noida and Gurgaon.





A royal crown can add regality and grandeur to a simple cake and spellbind your guests. While maintaining a proper balance with colors the cake can give a long-lasting impression. This idea will directly reach your heart with its extraordinary taste. The minimalist adornments on the cake will make it classier. Prince or Princess Cakes were earlier limited to artificial crowns but now extend to edible adornments. The making of edible crowns requires more artistic skills and perseverance qualities to achieve perfection. You can find such cake artisans in Noida. Fondants or no fondants, creams or no creams, cheese frostings or no frostings, crowning on the cake creates a dreamy sight to captivate.

BTS is a famous South Korean band that is ruling the hearts of many. Gifting a BTS customized theme cake has become a trend today. Adding a picture to the cake or simply creating BTS band members, is what makes it the best designer cake. For complementing this cake, you can add different BTS gifts like greeting cards, BTS musical-based gifts, etc. To make those handsome hunks a part of your special occasion with the medium of a perfect BTS cake is the idea that we aim at. Bakehoney has a large plethora of styles available with our cake designers. Red velvet, frosting, cream, pull-me-up cake, pinata cake, bomb blast cakes are some of our best designs. All can be customized in distinct flavors as per the occasion. Check out our website and order the coolest BTS cake ever from Delhi NCR bakeries!



Top Forward cakes are round-shaped standing cakes creating a semi-circle by cutting a portion on the base of each side.  There are endless possibilities for Top Forward cakes in Gurgaon at Bakehoney. They look magnificent and leave a unique impact on sight. The cakes are beautifully articulated and can turn an elegant cake into an epic masterpiece to enthrall your guests. The standing cake or top forward cakes are sophisticated and amazingly curated with a finesse touch of unparalleled designs on the front side; this is how it gets its name. It is an ideal way to impress someone with this picture-perfect standing cake.



From giving birth or managing a house to running an organization, is there anything that a woman can’t do? She can create a world out from her inside and carries a smile that never fades. It’s time to reciprocate what you have gained from her selfless love and affection. When she carries herself, she carries a world with herself that completely reflects in her confidence. Thoughtfully, industry bakers have created this trend of womanhood cakes to tell your mom, sister, girlfriend and wife how much they are significant to the world. Check out the list of womanhood cakes available in Noida and Greater Noida from our Bakehoney website and surprise your woman!


Cartoon cakes have been the oldest trend among kids to adults that always revamps with the new age. The new versions of cartoon cakes create a new twist by accompanying the latest trends like pull me up, pinata, cheese buttercream, bomb cakes and more. They make an adorable appearance for your little ones. They can be printed or designed cakes for your cartoon lovers. We have colossal choices available in our bakery shops, pick your favorite one. Doraemon, minions, Disney princess, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Hello Kitty, Teddy Bear, Peppa Pig, etc., are some of our novel creations. Also, they all are customizable and available in tempting flavors near Delhi NCR regions. For more details, you can check our website.



The cricket craze in India can never go out of trend. Thus, this trend came into existence. Cricket cakes are simple that create a green effect of the cricket field on the cake and detailed with edible adornments of cricket-related items like cricket bats, cricket balls, batting gloves and more. They make a unique impact on cricket lovers when loaded up with their desired flavors. With cricket birthday cakes available in Delhi NCR areas made by our best home bakers, we also have a wide variety of IPL/ world cup theme cakes to hype up the mood of cricket.



Unicorn is an imaginary animal that has great significance in mythological stories. It is a sign of purity and divinity. Understated ‘unicorn’ adornments can create a huge difference. The magical aura it creates can be spellbinding. Designing unicorns on cake is a colossal trend today. Unlike traditional baking ideas, this one adds originality to products.

With its divine ombre effects adding a subtle splash of colors over any food item, you can make it look classy and elegant. We have a wide range of unicorn cakes available in Delhi NCR regions which you can choose from for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.



Prep up in fresh fruit puree and cream cheese mixture; cheesecakes are rich, fruity and divine. With eggs or no eggs, the cream is amalgamated beautifully in flavors of fruits and other edible ingredients. The decoration of sliced mangoes or blueberries or strawberries over the entire cake makes this a perfect dessert for your loved ones. With exotic fruit cheesecakes, we also have tub cheesecakes to give you a heavenly experience. Take a look!



Baklava Cheesecakes are puffed pastries loaded with dry fruits and the sweetness of maple syrup or honey. It is a layered dessert prepared in salted butter to give you a crunch with every bite. It is the most famous sweet confection among Ottoman cuisines. For adding more versatility to the delicacy, Greek yogurt rippled with cinnamon walnuts is used. Furthermore, Baklava cheesecake in Noida and Gurgaon can be customized as per your desire.



Basque burnt cheesecake is a simple cheesecake baked in a hot oven that delivers an exotic dark exterior (slightly burnt) with a bitter flavor that goes incredibly with rich, cream and flavorsome interior. A beautiful combination of crunchiness and cream invented first by Sen Sebastian, part of Spain’s Basque country, has been the favorite cuisine of all. The cake is easy to bake with no hassle and can be flavored with customized flavors.


The aromatization of coffee flavors whipped in cream and cheese can set your mood in one bite. This ecstatic mocha dessert is a new heartfelt desire of coffee lovers. The cakes are finesse with chocolate ganache to make it more rich and flavorsome. It is a way more exciting way to impress coffee addicts with this delicious cheesecake. We have sugar-free coffee cheesecakes for our prestigious clients.



With its name, it is understandable that these cakes require less baking with more flavors. They take a minimum amount of cheese and more heavy cream for articulating a wholesome richness that is irresistible and goes with any occasion. No-bake cheesecakes make a classic dessert for your intimate or grand evenings. We have renowned home bakers in Gurgaon and East Delhi who create exclusive No-bake cheesecake.

Here at Bakehoney, we persist in following our only goal to get you what you deserve. And we believe that you deserve the best. We all imagine you making memories while we endeavor to prepare a perfect cake and an array of desserts and snacks for you and your loved ones. Pick the best from our website and make your day special. Our best home bakers are ready with your perfect cake near Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Delhi NCR regions, get it now. You can also follow us on other social media sites to have an inspirational guide to trending cake ideas.

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