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The Perfect Chandelier Cake for A New Beginning  

We always tend to celebrate new beginnings with a dash of sweetness. Don't we? Cakes symbolize many things and it brings a sweetness that’s just perfect and balanced, not heavy indulgence. Does that make cakes the best option to mark the beginning of a new journey? I think it does, particularly, when you get your cakes from BakeHoney!

So, whether you are celebrating the newly-born, a birthday, or a new job, BakeHoney cakes have got the right vibes to match the occasion.  

Be it any part of the world, the dish may vary but the sweetness remains the same. BakeHoney is a small start-up (an online marketplace) based in Faridabad that helps us continue spreading sweetness into others' lives. They cover most parts of Delhi-NCR, particularly Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida through their online services. 

This article brings to you some of the randomly selected chandelier cakes perfect for any engagement or wedding. 


Chandelier Wedding Cake

As from the name you already know that this is a luxurious cake, best for weddings and engagements. It’s a three-tier white cake with roses of white and pink colors surrounding it. There is a stand that holds the cake which is also decorated beautifully with pink and white colors and green leaves giving it a very beautiful look. The layering of the cake is perfectly done and the bases of each tier are covered with flowers. On top of the cake, you can mention the initial letters of the couple. The cake is a fully customizable cake from flavors to colors, from being made with egg or eggless, BakeHoney is there to help you. 


3 Tier Chandelier Cake

The 3 Tier chandelier cake comes with 3 tiers as you can already tell from the name. It’s a cream cake and multiple flavors are available for it. From Blackforest to butterscotch, and from pineapple to choc chips you can choose any flavor you want. The best feature of theirs is that all the cakes are fully customizable(the best thing any dealer can offer you). The ideal cake, the one you can see on the website is 6 kg in weight, with the egg variant. It comes in off-white, with yellow roses beneath every tier hanging beautifully from its stand. You can also share instructions for the baker or any special message for them. If you live in Faridabad you can also pick the cake up from their place. 


3 Tier hanging Cake 

If you are having a themed party, themed as in color-coded then this cake is the best. This cake is a 3-tier hanging cake that is cream and dark blue. This is a very minimalistic cake best for people who do not like extra decorations and heavy things. The 3 bases are divided into blue bases and flowers. And the last tier is completed with the beautiful dark color blue flower. The ideal cake is 6 kg in weight. For ordering the cake, you can call up on BakeHoney’s phone number or directly put in an order and some words of instruction to the baker on the BakeHoney website. You can also send your customizations through the website. 


Chadelier Enagagement Cake 

You can tell from the cake whether it is an engagement cake or a wedding cake and BakeHoney does perfect work in letting you distinguish between the two. The engagement chandelier cake is cream and red colored. The presence of the small yellow and red roses enhances the look of the cake. 

The way the cake is minimalistic and less luxurious than the wedding cakes will let you distinguish that this is an engagement cake from just the look of it. The bases that are cream in color are marked and spiked with a touch of golden color giving it a royal look. 

The ideal cake comes in 6 kg of weight and in the second tier, you can mention your message like “just engaged” or the name of the couple. It depends on you if you want an eggless cake or the presence of an egg. Also, you can choose between the flavors that come in a varied range. There are a total of eight flavors to choose from.


In conclusion 

We brought to you some of the best wedding cakes available at BakeHoney, an online cake marketplace covering Delhi-NCR, particularly, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, and Faridabad. Do not forget that they make fully customizable cakes. So you can also ask for customization. You can even choose your cake to be with egg or eggless. Amazing, isn’t it? Order these cakes online from BakeHoney today. 

With a little customization, these cakes can be used for any occasion though. Cakes may not substitute your food but it can do wonderful things, can build bridges between communities and end enmities

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