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Valentines Day Chocolate
Same-day Delivery Available!!
1 pack for ₹699
Ambrosia Patisserie - West Delhi, Janakpuri
Home Baker

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Fondant Cakesicles
Same-day Delivery Available!!
3 piece for ₹300
The Blush Bakery - Noida, Sector-41
Home Baker

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Beautiful Cakesicles
4 piece for ₹690
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
Home Baker

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Ice Cream Bar Cake
Same-day Delivery Available!!
1.5 kg for ₹1998
Box of cake - Faridabad, Sector 35
Home Baker

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Delicious Cakesicles
Same-day Delivery Available!!
4 piece for ₹350
The Homemade Delicious - Noida, Sector 48
Home Baker

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Christmas Special Cakesicles
Same-day Delivery Available!!
4 piece for ₹440
The Homemade Delicious - Noida, Sector 48
Home Baker

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Custom Cakesicles | Popsicles Cake
5 piece for ₹750
Sweet'Art - Gurgaon, Sector 109
Home Baker

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Halloween Theme Cakesicles
2 piece for ₹300
Eclairs Cafe and Bakery - Gurgaon, Palam Vihar
Bakery Shop

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Buy Bite-Sized Cakesicles Online in Delhi NCR


A cute bite-size cakesicle is a great alternative for a traditional cake. Get cakesicles delivery online in Delhi for a fun twist to a traditional cake.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a cake and that’s kind of the same thing!!!

Finding a person who doesn’t love cake is like looking for stars in daylight. Everyone loves cake but hates the mess it makes; all the boxes, plates, and cutlery it’s so much hassle. Why not gift theme-based cakesicles online to your family and friends in Delhi?

A cakesicle is a variation of cake pop. Instead of round balls, it’s shaped like a popsicle. It’s a bite-size cake made in the shape of a popsicle and has frosting or chocolate as an outer layer. You can order cakesicles delivery online in Noida, Greater Noida, and all parts of Delhi from BakeHoney.  

Parties without cake are just meetings! But who wants the hassle of big cakes and cutlery; buy cakesicles from BakeHoney and get them delivered online in no time. Buying homemade cakesicles online has never been this easy.


Benefits of cakesicles delivery from the bakery

  • It’s mess-free. There is no need for plates and cutlery to eat cakesicles. 
  • More area than cake pops to show bakers their creativity. Bakers can add more detailed images and designs to cakesicle.
  • Kids-friendly. Kids make a lot of mess, and traditional cakes are really messy to eat. A cakesicle with a stick is a good way to give kids their favorite dessert. 
  • No leftovers are left behind. As cakesicles are small portion cakes hardly any waste is left behind. So, no waste of food.
  • Many flavors can be experienced as one can order as many cakesicle they want and just not one big cake on only one flavor or some stacks of them. 
  • Unlike cake pop (that’s cake rolled in a ball shape and coated with chocolate or candy melt) cakesicles are made by painting with chocolate on cakesicle mold, then filling it with hard candy shell and cake or frosting. 
  • The outer covering of the cakesicle is hard enough that it won’t crack and ruin the design and also thin enough to bite on easily. 
  • It’s a great gifting alternative to chocolates. It’s available in so many flavors and designs. You can also buy gift hampers and gift combos.
  • Better than conventional gifts which get dumped in a cupboard and forgotten or thrown away just because they don’t mean anything. 
  • Give popsicle cake pops online in Faridabad. These small flavourful treats which one can remember always and crave again for or just give to a hungry passing by in denial
  • IT’S A CAKE. What more reason do you need to eat a cute little cakesicle? 
  • From BakeHoney, you can order cakesicles delivery from bakery in East Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, and North Delhi.

Where to buy cakesicles for birthday?

BakeHoney is an amazing end-to-end bakery platform for bakers and foodies. You can order online your favorite cakes, biscuits, and other bakery products such as cakesicles for birthday or cakesicles for Christmas. BakeHoney will get it delivered to your doorstep within 4 to 24 hours. Not only that, BakeHoney allows local bakeries, home Bakers, and suppliers to list their products on BakeHoneys’ website. 

BakeHoney delivers fresh cakesicles and other bakery products at Delhi NCR such as Greater Kailash, Vasant Vihar, Greater Noida, Gurugram, and other parts of Delhi. 


BakeHoney online marketplace for cakes 

Bakehoney is the online platform that connects bakers and foodies. It’s a place where bakers can buy supplies and also sell their creations. BakeHoney started with the vision of creating a platform that helps both bakers and customers. 


Variety, convenience, review, and freshness are key factors of BakeHoneys’ success. 

How to buy online from BakeHoney?

Buying cakesicles and other bakery products from BakeHoney is so easy. Simply visit BakeHoney website, write cakesicles in the search bar and you will see lots of options, choose the nearest bakery shop, set your location, add quantity, make a payment either online payment or cash on delivery, and you are good to go! With BakeHoney, you can buy your favorite desserts and bakery online effortlessly and it will get delivered to your doorstep in no time. The time required for delivery is mentioned on the website so you can sit back and relax till your favorite munchies arrive.

You can order or pre-order from local bakeries and home Bakers, you can also pre-order customized cakesicles and cakes. 

Various kinds of cakesicles and other bakery products are available on BakeHoneys’ website such as cakesicles, home-baked cakesicles, brownie cakesicles, custom cakesicles, popsicles cake, cartoon character design based cakesicles, large size cakesicles, Pull Me Up Cake with Cakesicles, festival addition cakesicles, and much more. The price starts just from ₹300 and goes up to ₹1500. 

Never miss cakes this festive season with delicious cakesicles by BakeHoney.  

How BakeHoney work?

BakeHoney partners with bakeries, suppliers, and home bakers to provide bakery products and novelties to customers. BakeHoney is the one-stop destination for bakers and foodies, you can either partner with BakeHoney to sell your baked creations or buy delicious cakes and bakeries online. Bakehoney also features a lot of blogs and articles written by experts and bloggers packed with exciting information, tips, and tricks for all Bakery lovers. 

How much time does it take to get the order delivered? 

The time required to get your order delivered depends on the bakery and the time required for preparing those bakery products. Some customizable and designer cakesicles and cakes need to be pre-order in advance. 

No return or refund, please!

Due to the perishable nature of cake and other bakery products, BakeHoney doesn’t provide any return and refund policy. Although every feedback matters to BakeHoney and it’s taken into consideration.


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