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Let’s start with Designer cakes for our mothers from their Birthdays and Anniversaries to Mother’s Day.


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Flower Cream Cake
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2.0 kg for ₹2600
Donald's Pastry Shop - Noida, Sector 18
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Tea Pot Cake
1.5 kg for ₹2400
The Blue Danube - Noida, Sector 141
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Love You Cream Cake
1 kg for ₹1900
Craving Cosmos Cafe and Bakery - New Delhi, Mayur Vihar Phase II
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Flower Pot Birthday Cake for Mom
1 kg for ₹1500
The Little Delite' - Noida, Sector 108
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Hand Painted Cake
1000 gm for ₹1300
Fresh bakes by Meera - Noida, Sector-62
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Jewelry Theme Cake
1 kg for ₹2300
Eat cake with Deepti - Noida, Sector 15A
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Jewelry Theme Cake
1 kg for ₹1400
The Homemade Delicious - Noida, Sector 48
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Hat and Lashes Cakes for Party
5 kg for ₹9500
The Homemade Delicious - Noida, Sector 48
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Mothers are the most precious gift given to us by God and must always cherish and love them. They are the most selfless, caring and loving humans who sacrifice everything for their children and they deserve to be treated with our amazing collections of cakes, especially made with love and care for moms. 

We have more than 15 types of cakes to celebrate every occasion related to our mothers from their Birthdays and Anniversaries to Mother’s Day. Let’s start with them one by one.

Flower Pot Birthday Cake for Mom

Flower Pot Birthday Cake is a sight to admire with its lovely design of a flower pot with colourful blooming flowers.  A flowerpot is covered with fondant decoration and fully loaded with whipped cream and natural flower decoration on top. It is perfect for any birthday celebration. It comes in ten different flavours. 

60th Birthday Cake for Mom

The perfect Birthday Cake for your Mom’s 60th Birthday, to show how much you appreciate her for all the sacrifices she had made for you and your family till now. It comes in many different flavours, some distinct ones are Blueberry, Chocolate Caramel, Salted Caramel and so on.

Theme Cupcakes

If your mom is not into cakes, no need to worry, we have got you covered.  We have a special Mother’s day theme cupcake beautifully adorned with decorations to show her how much you appreciate and love her. It comes in ten different unique flavours namely Blackforest, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Mocha Coffee, Pineapple, Red velvet, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate caramel. It is baked with love and care by Sweet’ Art, the infamous home baker in Gurgaon. 

Milestone Birthday cake for Mom

Our Milestone Birthday cake is made of a super moist sponge, beautifully decorated with Fluffy fondant cream whose beauty can take your breath away. It is the pilot theme to celebrate all the milestones with fun and pale pink elegance. 

Mom And Dad's Anniversary Cake

It is one of the best anniversary cakes out there, specially made to mark Anniversaries along with other special occasions like birthdays, get-togethers and so on. The perfect combination of sweet and crunchy will make your taste buds explodes with the explosion of flavours. This rich, delectable creamy cake is a must for your next celebration. 

Special Pineapple Cake

All pineapple lovers out there, we have got the perfect cake for you. This Special Pineapple cake is ideal for anniversaries. You can also get some other unique flavours like Choco Vanilla, Lemon, Tutti Frutti and much more. 

Truffle Cake

Our Chocolate Truffle Cake is filled and frosted with smooth, fluffy, whipped chocolate ganache, that will just melt into one’s mouth. Classic. Original. Real. It is freshly baked by Meera. 

Sugar-Free Almond and Cranberry Dry Cake

Filled with the goodness of almonds and cranberries plus zero sugar, makes it an ideal choice for diabetics, Health and Fitness freaks and almost everyone. This healthy cake won’t guilt trip you, so you can eat as much as you want. It’s available in two variants: Egg and Eggless. It is the best tea time snack along with the perfect cup of tea with your loved ones.

Designer Cakes
As the name suggests, We have two types of designer cakes delivered by two different home bakers: Cake Caffe and The Homemade Delicious. The first one is the very lavish cream cake that comes in butterscotch flavour and is eggless. Another one is Tic Tac toe designer cream cake that comes in many different flavours, the unique ones being Oreo, Mango, White Forest and some others. 

Basic Cake for Mom

We have two different types of basic celebration cakes available. One is cream cake; another one is semi fondant with both of them available in all sorts of flavours. Both of them can be designed and customised according to the requirement for any occasion. 

Pull me up Cake

Pull me up cake is here to keep up with the current trends on social media. It comes in so many different flavours, each better than the last one,  which will make you want to try each one out.

Special Bento Cake

A Special Bento cake is an assortment of three mini cakes of different flavours and is perfect for those who can never be satisfied with one flavour. It comes in a lot of different flavours out of which you can pick three for your bento cake. 


Summing Up

BakeHoney has huge collections of cakes for every occasion and event made with love and care by Home Bakers. Every Cake is customised and contains no preservatives.


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